Samsung Good Lock 2023 Features and Changelog

At the recent Samsung Developer Conference 2022, the firm showcased its latest and upcoming software features and products. Samsung officially introduced the most anticipated One UI 5 OS update featuring Android 13 and its goodies. The electronics giant also briefly skimmed over the upcoming Good Lock 2023 features.

While the SDC22 didn’t reveal, a Samsung team member today posted in the forums about Good Lock 2023’s upcoming features and changelog for all Samsung Galaxy devices. Good Lock also supports One UI 5 based on Android 13. The below-mentioned features may even come to older Android 12, 11, 10, and 9 Pie running devices.

Good Lock 2023 features

Here are some changes coming to existing Good Lock modules:

  1. Quick Star – Top bar stopwatch function, status bar date function 
  2. Nav Star – Taskbar button icon change and gesture hint color/length adjustment
  3. Home Up – Shared app management > QuickShare device display setting added
  4. ClockFace – Tablet Enlarged 
  5. Good Lock – Added the ability to move in order by tab, modified to allow use of existing functions except for terraces under 14 years old

New features coming to Good Lock:

Please wait for the Good Lock functions that are opened one by one, enjoy using them, and thank you for your feedback. 

  1. We are preparing a function that allows you to easily create your own Meme in the Kids Cafe.
  2. A function to control detailed camera settings will be released.
  3. The ability to freely adjust the setting menu is being prepared. 
  4. We are preparing an easy and fun way to share links in a good lock’s own way.
  5. We are preparing a way to easily exchange well-decorated Good Lock results and settings. 

Most importantly, Samsung is working on a new Good Lock camera module which will enable tweaking your Samsung camera app and also enable advanced features similar to Samsung Expert RAW APK and the Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X, an AI Photo Upscaler & Magic Editor for Images.

When will Good Lock 2023 come to your Samsung Galaxy phone?

The Samsung team member further reported that the new Good Lock update with new features would be distributed in a phased manner from October 24th to November 2022. With a full rollout by 2023.

Download Good Lock 2023 for all Samsung devices

Stay tuned for Good Lock 2023. The apps will be updated by the end of this year for all.

Meanwhile, download the latest Good Lock 2022 update now live for Samsung’s One UI 5.0 based on Android 13. Users can readily download and install the following Good Lock apps on their devices.

You can either download Good Lock from the Samsung Galaxy Store using the official links below. OR get the standalone APK files and install them individually.

Note that the One Hand Operation + can be installed without the container Good Lock APK. If Good Lock is not available in your region officially, you can still download each Good Lock APK from below and access them using Fine Lock or Nice Lock.

Note 2: Part 1 has Good Lock container app and the initially released modules. Part 2 has most of the modules released later. Part 3 has Multistar and Nice Shot.

Part 4 comes with latest One UI 5.0 Android 13 support.

Full ZIP Download

APK Download

OR download the APK files separately.

Download more APK from our previous post for Android 12, 11, 10, 9 Pie, or older.

Good Lock app may be area restricted, you may see blank when you open it. If this happens, use the Good Lock 2018 installation tutorial from below.

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