More Good Lock 2021 plugins updated to One UI 3 including LockStar, ClockFace, MultiStar, Keys Cafe, One Hand [APK Download]

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Samsung LockStar APK with Good Lock 2021 download on Galaxy Store

Update January 29, 2020: More Good Lock plugins including MultiStar 4.1.02, Samsung ClockFace, Keys Cafe, One Hand Operation +, and Home Up have been updated in support of Android 11 based on One UI 3.0/3.1. APK download below.

Samsung just recently released Good Lock 2021 update earlier this month in support of One UI 3.0 firmware update based on Android 11. While the Good Lock APK itself has been updated to the 2021 edition, many of its plugins or modules still lack support for One UI 3. The plugins are being updated gradually.

Last week, we saw a bunch of plugins updated to Android 11 including the Good Lock container app itself with v2.0. Here we have a couple of your favorite modules that updated to version 2. The most awaited LockStar plugin has been updated to v2.1.

If you don’t already know, LockStar is a Good Lock plugin to customize the lockscreen. Following are some of the features supported by this plugin.

[Supported Functions]
 - Change position of clocks, music widgets, notifications, and tips
 - Show/Hide clock, music widget, reminder, help, status bar, etc.
 - Register up to 6 shortcut apps
 - Change the background image
 - Change the unlocking method
 - Change how shortcut apps are run
 - Manage saved styles

Moreover, Samsung also updated Sound Assistant APK to version The best feature from this update is Bluetooth Metronome. Sound Assistant can now sync audio and video for connected Bluetooth headphones. So basically you can fix the audio delay with Bluetooth speakers.

The following features have been added (From OneUI 3.0)
- OneUI 3.0 Style Volume Panel Theme
- Media manner mode : Media volume is also muted when vibration or silent mode is enabled
- Bluetooth Metronome : Ability to synchronize video and voice sinks on bluetooth devices
- Custom vibration : Ability to customize vibration patterns (available from OneUI3.1)

Download latest Good Lock 2021 plugins/modules

Good Lock 2021 update is now live. One new plugin called LockStar now supports Android 11. You can either download Good Lock 2020 from the Samsung Galaxy Store using the official links below, or download the APK files separately from below.

(Link order – Galaxy Store | direct download | APKMirror) Thanks to Sammobile and APKMirror.


Good Lock app may be area restricted, you may see blank when you open it. If this happens, use the Good Lock 2018 installation tutorial from below.

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