Download the Best Free Samsung Icon Packs from Samsung Themes Store

Samsung has significantly improved their software over the years. The latest Samsung Experience 9.0 is by far the best looking firmware update we have seen from the manufacturer. The best thing about Samsung Experience (formerly known as TouchWiz) is the Theme Engine. Samsung phones have many developers deploying the best themes, icon packs, AOD designs, wallpapers, and more on the Galaxy App Store. Here are the best Samsung icon packs available for download for free.

We have skipped the half baked icon packs that only replace the icons for the stock apps from Samsung. The following icon packs will replace all the icons even if the app developers have not  implemented adaptive icons feature. Adaptive icons come in various forms like round, squircle, rounded square, square, teardrop, etc. The following list will fulfill all your needs.

You can set your custom icon packs regardless of the theme you are using currently. Simply apply your favorite theme and then go to the themes section again, swipe to the icons section and apply your favorite icon pack from the list.

Though there are several other option to get custom icon packs using Nova Launcher, users who like to stay on the stock Samsung Experience Home Launcher, this is the best deal. Moreover, a combination of Samsung Themes and Nova Launcher is always best. It enables you full customization for settings, quick settings, notification panel, lock screen, Always on Display, and much more.

PyeongChang2018_2 Icon Pack

Android 8.0 Oreo brings adaptive options. It is actually the individual app developer’s job to bring about adaptive icons support by targeting their APK to Oreo or later. This makes the older apps present on your phone still using the default icon and not the adaptive one. This indeed makes the theme look kind of distorted and perhaps even ugly.

There is a simple work around for this as well. Samsung Experience 9.0 comes with Squircle as their default icon shape. PyeongChang2018_2 Icon Pack is my favorite icon pack because it will make every app’s icon Squircle shaped. So no more distorted icons. It is Samsung’s very own built in icon pack and absolutely free.

Icon Pack Screenshot_20180914-164905_Samsung Themes

Open link via mobile.

Pixelize (Round)

As the name suggests Pixelize icon pack features round shaped icons. It comes with the popular Pixelize theme for Samsung. But we recommend you to download this separate icon pack. So once you have applied a theme that requires round icons, apply this icon pack later. It will change all icons to round just like the latest Google Pixel Launcher.

Pixelize Icon Pack Screenshot_20180914-173426_Samsung Themes

Open link via mobile browser. You might also like to try the latest Pixel Launcher as well. Here is another Pixel launcher based on Android P.

White Mint

The White Mint Icon Pack by ‘MINU’ features a unique set of design. It comes with a new shape called Teardrop that we don’t get to see a lot. This icon pack goes well with any theme be it dark or white. While the name suggests white, the icons have a dark shadow surrounding the icon to give an essence of contrast. But we believe it goes well with any wallpaper or theme.

White Mint icon pack Screenshot Samsung Themes

Oreo Icon Pack

As the name suggests, Oreo icon pack features the default Android 8.1 icons. So for users who are not quite satisfied with the Pixelize icon pack above can settle for this. Oreo icon pack from ‘Filipe Leite’ are also rounded. It will convert all icons to round that look decent instead of the default icon that have different shapes and sizes.

If you like the colorful icons that are well designed and round then Oreo icon pack is for you.

Oreo icon packs Screenshot_20180914-172505_Samsung Themes

Black Onix or Arctic White

Have you seen the movie Tron? If so, then you get the idea what we are talking about. Black Onix is a complete theme based on this concept. However, you can also download the icon pack separately. It has lightning borders around the icons.

Arctic White is for users looking for unique set of icon packs for light wallpapers or themes. It comes from the same developer that of Onix.

Black onix icons Screenshot_20180914-171556_Samsung Themes

For Fantasy night

As the name suggests, this icon pack is for fantasy night light theme. The icons will glow as shown in the screenshot below. A thing to note here is that the icons will actually turn a bit smaller. So if you don’t want a smaller icons, then this may not be for you. But it has a unique design to it and we recommend applying it with a suitable wallpaper or theme.

‘For Look up the Star River’ is another notable Icon Pack by the same developer ‘VICGEE’. So instead of the sparkling light, this one has illuminating lines around the icons.

Fantasy night icon pack Screenshot_20180914-170746_Samsung Themes

List of Free Best Samsung Icon Packs on Galaxy Store you must try

Once you have downloaded your favorite icon pack, open Settings app > go to Wallpapers and Themes sections > swipe over to the icon tab and search for the following Samsung themes.

  • Candy by Samsung Electronics
  • Sunset glow by ‘cherry’
  • Korea Theme by ‘Burzo’
  • For Imagination
  • EiD – Falling Autumn
  • EiD – Brown

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Hope you enjoy these hand-picked themes from the Samsung Icon packs from Galaxy store which are absolutely free and represent the year 2018 perfectly.

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