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Samsung just released a brand new app called the Galaxy Enhance-X. This is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Photo Upscaler with a single click. The Magic Editor is the app’s main focus because it can enhance your photos with a single tap. It is a Samsung alternative to Adobe’s Lightroom, Google’s Snapseed, Picsart, and even the in-built Google Photos’ AI enhancer. So download and install the latest Galaxy Enhance-X APK from below.

Galaxy Enhance-X features Magic which can Enhance images with a single tap. The second feature is Brighten which will lighten up dark pictures. Fix blur will fix blurry images. The app can also fix or remove moire patterns from images.

Once you import an image, you also get options like HDR, Brighten, Fix Blur, and Sharpen. Under More, you get Fix Moire, Remove reflection, face enhancements, and portrait options.

Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X Screenshot
Screenshot Galaxy Enhance-X

The app is compatible with Android 10 and above so it can run on Samsung Galaxy S9 series, Note 9 series, Galaxy S10 series, Note 10 series, S20 series, Note 20, S21 series, Galaxy S22 Ultra, S22+, S22, and the Galaxy Fold 3 series. It can also install on mid-ranger A-series phones and the budget M-series and F-series running One UI 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 4.5.

This is best if you want to tweak photos captured from Samsung’s Expert Raw camera app. Expert Raw gives photographers a way of accessing the uncompressed data of an image (called RAW), straight from the camera sensor.

What is Galaxy Enhance-X: AI Photo Upscaler & Magic Editor?

As the name suggests, Galaxy Enhance-X is an AI Photo Upscaler (Artificial Intelligence based) and Magic Editor.

According to the Samsung Galaxy Store listing:

The Galaxy Enhance-X app is a one-stop AI solution for all media enhancements. With a single tap, your image is analyzed for imperfections, enhanced, and refined to a higher quality.

AI-based techniques can be invoked by a user to both repair and enhance the images stored in the gallery. One can remove unwanted Blur, Reflections and at the same time also Sharpen and Upscale Resolution, Improve Dynamic Range and brighten photos captured in low lighting conditions.

Both the Original Photo and the Enhanced photo is saved in the gallery in JPEG format.

Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X APK Download

Here download the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X photo editor app. It can run on One UI 4.0/4.1, 3.0, 2.0 based on Android 12, 11, 10 including the flagships Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, S22 Ultra, and Galaxy Tab S8 series.

APK Download

Galaxy Store link

The Galaxy Enhance-X is not our in all regions yet. Only select regions including the United States. You can download it from the Samsung Galaxy Store as well.

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