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At the latest Google I/O 2022, the search giant announced its new product called Google Wallet. This isn’t a brand new app though, Wallet will replace the existing Google Pay app across the globe. This is Google’s answer to the popular Apple Wallet available for iPhones. Google Wallet is on a quest to replace your physical wallet entirely. Here, download the latest Google Wallet APK.

Google Wallet can store credit and debit cards, transit and event tickets, airline boarding passes, loyalty cards, gift cards, vaccination records, virtual car keys, and student IDs. Almost all the essentials in your physical wallet can now be stored digitally on your smartphone; especially Android.

Google will also add support for driver’s licenses and state IDs. However, this may vary according to the local laws in each region or country. Office and hotel keys will also be supported in the future.

Using the Google Wallet API, developers can make almost any item into a digital pass using the templates created by Google.

Wallet is now rolling out in about 42 countries where Google Pay currently operates. This excludes India. Indian users will continue to use the Gpay app, which they are familiar with.

The update will gradually replace Google Pay with Google wallet in globally in a phased manner. The current Google Pay v2.150.460235810 comes with Google Wallet welcome screen. However, the icon and name have not yet been updated. Stay tuned for the next updates on the change of logos and icons on the Play Store.

What is Google Wallet and how to get it?

Google Wallet is a digital wallet for Android that gives you fast, secure access to your everyday essentials. Your Google Wallet securely stores your payment cards so you can tap to pay anywhere Google Pay is accepted.

But Wallet is for so much more than payments. It’s a way to unlock more of the world around you. You can show your student ID on campus, board a flight, or start your car. You can even use it as your park pass to explore Walt Disney World. Items that contain highly personal information, like your vaccine card, are stored on your device and not shared with anyone, not even Google.

Google is also working with states in the US and governments around the world to bring digital IDs to wallet later this year, starting with driver’s licenses.

You can share the information in your ID without ever having to give your phone to another person. Simply tap the NFC or use a QR code.

Google Wallet will be rolling out to Android and Wear OS devices around the world in the coming weeks.

Watch the Google I/O video to know more about Google Wallet. The video is timestamped at 1:16:06.

YouTube video

Download Google Wallet APK

The update is now rolling out on the Google Play Store via Google Pay v2.150. You can download the app from the app store or get the APK below.

APK Download

Google Wallet Beta Tester

Download Google Wallet from the Play Store

Download Google Wallet from Play Store

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