Updated: The tutorial has been updated to work on Samsung’s latest One UI 5.1 firmware update based on Android 13. Here is how to download and install custom fonts like Google Sans from Pixel 7 Pro on any of your Samsung Galaxy device.

Original: Samsung rolled out latest One UI 5 firmware update based on Android 13 for several Galaxy S-series, Fold-series, and even A-series devices via beta program. The One UI beta program is in its third phase and can be used as a daily driver, according to some beta testers. If you like customizing your device, here is how to setup custom fonts on any Samsung Galaxy device on the latest One UI 5 (Android 13) firmware update.

The One UI 5 OTA update comes with tons of features and customization options. Most importantly, the improved color pallet based on the Material You design introduced in Android 13.

You can further customize every aspect of your Samsung Galaxy device with the help of Good Lock plugins which support Android 13 now. Plus, you can download Galaxy Themes, Icon packs, AOD, and stunning wallpaper packs from the Galaxy store.

The only thing missing, in my opinion, is the support for custom Fonts. Samsung has a very limited set of fonts. While the default Samsung One font is pretty cool, I really like the Google Sans font from the Pixel smartphones. If you like to see an example of Google Sans font visit Google Store.

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1. Download a font file in TTF format

The font installer app that we are going to use includes installation of custom fonts via .TTF file formats. So it is very important that you download fonts from the web in .TTF format only.

Here are some popular fonts in the Android community. Google Sans font for Pixel smartphones.

Download unlimited fonts from the web

The internet has plethora of fonts collection. A simple Google search should get you started. However, for convenience, we are listing some font repositories for ease.

Note for Fount: Drag and drop the “Fount” button in the browser’s bookmark. Then visit a webpage and click on the Fount button in your bookmark bar and select any text to find the font.

Download Best Fonts: Google Sans, iOS Font, Samsung One Font

2. Download zFont 3 APK for Samsung One UI 5

Thanks to projects like zFont 3, installing any font on any Samsung device is now possible.

In this tutorial, we will see how to install any font on your Android using a .TTF file format. This includes Google Sans, Roboto, Product Sans, Rubik (which we use on our site), and much more.

Download one of the following Font changer apps:

3. How to Install Custom Fonts on Samsung Galaxy Devices

  1. Make sure you have Samsung account signed in on your phone for backing up settings.
  2. Download and install zFont 3 app from above.
  3. Launch the zFont 3 app.
  4. Go to “Dashboard” tab.
  5. Choose the language.
  6. Search for any font like “Google Sans”.
  7. Select and apply.

Follow the steps listed in the app. (Prerequisites)

  1. It should ask you to install Samsung Sans font.
  2. Update the app.
  3. Apply the Samsung Sans font from phone settings.
  4. Backup “Settings”. Select “Settings” only.
  5. Uninstall Samsung Sans font.

Now, the how-to change section

  • Select “Install Google Sans font”
  • Now, change the font to default.
  • Select Restore Data option and tick Settings only.

Alternatively, you can also download a TTF font file and apply it using the last “Local” tab.

  1. From the custom TTF section “Select TTF file”
  2. Click “Load TTF”.
  3. Click Install Custom Font option.
  4. This should uninstall and install the Samsung Sans font.
  5. Restore settings from Samsung. Tick “Setting only”.
  6. This should install the custom font on your device.

3.1 Video tutorial on how to install custom fonts

4. Install any Font for Samsung Galaxy phone using FlipFont

  1. Download and install FlipFont APK from here (direct link). OR from the downloads repository.
  2. Download any font from the downloads section above.
  3. Extract the zip file to get the .ttf font. Look for regular font. You can go bold or medium too.
  4. Transfer the font file to phone’s storage at this location: monofonts/ttf
  5. Create the ttf folder if it doesn’t exist.
  6. Launch FlipFont app on your on your Samsung phone. It should be by the name #mono_
  7. Make sure you have Samsung account signed in on your phone for backing up settings.
  8. Click on install. Install Samsung Sans font.
  9. Click on select. Select Samsung Sans font.
  10. Backup “Settings” to your Samsung Cloud. Tick “Settings” only.
  11. From the custom TTF section “Select TTF file”
  12. Click “Load TTF”.
  13. Click Install Custom Font option.
  14. This should uninstall and install the Samsung Sans font.
  15. Restore settings from Samsung. Tick “Setting only”.
  16. This should install the custom font on your device.

Note: For backup and restore, go to Settings -> Accounts and Backup -> Backup and Restore -> Backup data -> Check “Settings” only.

Checkout the screenshots from below for installation and how the Google Sans font looks like.

Tutorial screenshots:

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