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Update 1: Google Sans Font has been reported by some Samsung Galaxy phone users to be working on OneUI 3.0 based Android 11 firmware update as well. So you can try it on the latest Galaxy S20 or Note 20 series and also on Galaxy S10 series and Note 10 series. Here is the latest and easier tutorial on custom fonts for Samsung One UI 3, 2, 1 with Android 11, 10, 9 Pie or earlier.

Samsung’s One UI software comes packed with tons of features and customization options that an average user doesn’t even know about. While some features come as part of the firmware, others are optional and can be install using additional tools like Good Lock for advanced customization, Galaxy Theme store to change the look of the software. Users also had option to change the fonts on Samsung smartphones as well; some officially others via exploit. This also holds true for installing Google Sans font from Pixel 5 onto Samsung Galaxy phones.

However, the software soon got patched for these exploits in order to promote the OEMs ‘s propriety font called Samsung Sans. Nevertheless, here is a new way to download and install Google Sans fonts on any Samsung Galaxy device running stock OneUI 2.0+ firmware based on Android 10 or later. The method has been tested working on OneUI 2.0, 2.1, and the newer One UI 2.5 based on Android 10. You care welcome to try it on One UI 3.0 with Android 11.

There is a new font app in town called zFont app wherein you can download and install several fonts for Samsung phones. Here, we are using the most popular Google Sans Font, also known as Product Sans.

As for the previous One UI 1.0 or Samsung Experience firmware, our previous post on Wings fonts works perfectly on Samsung phones with Android 9 Pie or earlier such as the Galaxy S8 series or the Note 8 series. However, if you are inclined, you can also use the following method to get Google Sans font.

It has been tested on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 running latest One UI 2.5 firmware update based on Android 10. zFont 3 Play Store listing also states that the app has been updated in support of Android 11. While it’s skeptical whether it will work on the latest Samsung One UI 3.0 firmware based on Android 11. You can try it on your Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, S20 FE, or the Note 10/10+ device running Android 11 and comment down below.

How to Install Google Sans Font on any Samsung Galaxy device?

  1. Install zFont 3 app from the Play Store. OR download zFont APK taken from the official Telegram channel.
  2. Launch zFont app on your on your Samsung phone.
  3. Download and install the “CirceRounded” font. (It’s should be around #246)
  4. Go to Settings -> Display -> Font and change the Font to “CirceRounded”
  5. Important step: Go to Settings -> Accounts and Backup -> Backup and Restore -> Backup data -> Check “Settings” only.
  6. Once the backup is done, Go back to fonts settings and change it back to the default one.
  7. Uninstall “CirceRounded” font from Settings -> Apps
  8. Launch a file manager such as the default My Files app.
  9. Enable “Show Hidden Files” to get the zFont folder.
  10. Go to Internal Storage -> zFont folder -> .ONE_UI folder and delete the circerounded.apk
  11. Download the new circerounded.apk file (Download link | download mirror)
  12. Copy and paste the new “circerounded.apk” file to the .ONE_UI zFont folder
  13. Launch the zFont app again and install the circerounded apk as metioned above
  14. Go to Settings -> Backup & Restore -> Tick Settings only -> Restore

(This is the final step and it should automatically set your font to the long missed Google Product Sans font!


Download Unlimited Fonts for Samsung Galaxy devices

You can install hundreds of fonts using the zFont app from the list. Just install the app, grant necessary permissions, download a font of your choice and then go to Settings -> Display -> Fonts to change the Font.


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Sarang Avatar

5 responses

  1. ZmisiS Avatar

    Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973F (Exynos) Europe. Android 11 Beta 2.

    I tried this. Not working for me. I’ve got notification: Letters are not supported. Contact the donor
    letters. Deinstalirati these letters? Break, Delete.

    1. AndroidSage Avatar

      Can you skip past this step and carry on with the next steps? The next steps will remove this font anyway. Also, some users are getting success on One UI 3.0 but some are not.

      1. ZmisiS Avatar

        Not working for me.

  2. AFack Avatar

    Worked for me, Snapdragon variant of Galaxy Note 9. This is awesome.

  3. Bees Like That Avatar
    Bees Like That

    Works amazing on Snapdragon S21 Ultra running One UI 3.1.

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