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Good Lock is one of the best customization apps for Samsung Galaxy devices. It provides you with some exceptional customization tools for almost every part of the Samsung firmware – be it lockscreen with the LockStar plugin, QuickStar for quick settings panel, Task Change for recent app panel, Routines – similar to Tasker app, and more. You can even create your own theme using the Theme Park Good Lock module. Samsung just detailed the upcoming Good Lock modules. Also, download and install the new Good Lock 2021 modules directly from Samsung Galaxy Store.

We call it Good Lock 2021 because Samsung’s next generation One UI 3.0 firmware update based on Android 11 is currently under beta testing and will be mass deployed to several Android devices including Galaxy S10 and S20 series in 2021. Same thing happened to the Good Lock 2020 last year. Recently, Samsung pushed out an update to the One Hand Operation + plugin in support for One UI 3.0. So now you can customize gesture navigation of your S20 phone.

Samsung, in a recent blogpost, revealed their plans for the upcoming new Good Lock 2021 modules. Some of these include Pentastic, Wonderland, Keys Cafe, Share Manager, Galaxy Tablet, Home Up, and Multistar.

Pentastic APK: Style Your S Pen

Samsung just recently introduced a new Good Lock plugin called Pentastic for advanced customization of S Pen. It also brings new features for the Samsung Galaxy Note series ranging all the way back to Note 10. Pentastic is specifically designed for advanced SPen functionalities in support for the Note 20 series, Note 10 series, and possibly the Note 9.

Here are some key features of Pentastic include

  • Updated: Now works with One UI 2.1 based on Android 10 for the Note 10/9
  • Change the form of Air Command
  • Change the shape of S Pen Hover Pointer
  • Change the sound of S Pen
  • Set double tap to shortcut by pressing S Pen

Pentastic is the first and one of a kind Good Lock plugin that lets you customize the way your S Pen works. It provides different themes and sound options for Air command and Hover pointer.

Moreover, Pentastic allows you to set up your own dedicated S Pen shortcut to immediately launch an app by double tapping the S Pen on your smartphone screen. You can also set custom pointers for SPen.

Wonderland APK: Wallpapers App for Samsung

Wonderland is another Good Lock module that is now now live on the Galaxy Store and available for download as APK. At first, it came as a mysterious app, but we predicted it correctly. Wonderland lets you customize your device’s homescreen and lockscreen by creating 3D moving wallpapers.

Wonderland is a wallpaper creator and editor app. You can use the already existing images from the app or your phone storage and edit them to add some motion effects. You can even add elements on top of the actual wallpaper.

Here are some key features of Wonderland:

- Creating a motion effect for your wallpaper: You can set up a motion effect for an image of your choice.
- Creating a particle effect for your wallpaper: You can set up a particle effect for images of your choice, use presets and directly set up an effect.

Keys Cafe APK for Samsung Keyboard

Samsung so far has covered almost all the elements of the firmware, except the customization for Samsung Keyboard. The latest Good Lock module called Keys Cafe covers that too! Keys Cafe allows you to customize your keyboard (most likely Samsung Keyboard). You get settings for keyboard height and width resizing and key layout repositioning options as well.

This makes the whole experience more comfortable on your smartphones and tablets; as the keyboard is naturally one of the most commonly-used functionalities of any device.

Moreover, you can customize keyboard experience with a range themes and dynamic effects available through the Keys Cafe app. Keys Cafe will also launch with a new feature that turns typing into a game by providing scores and rankings to help minimize your typos.

  • Download Keys Cafe APK – New Good Lock plugin (coming soon…)

Home Up APK

Samsung recently released a new home screen customization app called Home Up. It enables the user to customize most of the elements of the home screen and app drawer. This includes home screen folders with new pop up style, background blur, page looping in app drawer, and more. You can choose from various layouts for the home screen, apps and folders. You can also add page looping in Apps. Customize folder popup styles and layouts and much more.

HomeUp is the extension edition of OneUIHome. Here are all of its features:

  • Use various layouts in home screen, apps and folder.
  • Diversify background Blur effect.
  • Page looping in Apps.
  • Recommend folder names
  • Customize folder popup styles and layouts
  • Restore home screen layout

Download Keys Cafe APK – New Good Lock plugin (link below)

Share Manager – Good Lock 2021

Share Manager is an upcoming Good Lock Module that may only be available in Good Lock 2021. Share Manager, as the name suggests, will enable you to choose to hide specific commands such as Share Nearby and Direct Share from the sharing window. You can manage your Direct Share contacts and sort them by favorites or hide. Moreover, this will enable more control over the sharing UX by managing the apps that appear in your sharing window.

Galaxy Tablet – Good Lock 2021

Galaxy Tablet comes with a new Wireless Keyboard Sharing feature that lets you connect your smartphone to the Book Cover Keyboard (attached to your tablet) and seamlessly switch between typing on both devices. It also brings support for MultiStar app for more convenient orientation shifting for pinned apps.

Download Good Lock 2021 APK

Download latest Good Lock 2021 package for your Samsung Galaxy devices. Currently, Good Lock only supports up to One UI 2.5. Support for One UI 3.0 will come soon. Updates to the MultiStar app and Home up app will come in the future for One UI 3.0 as well. You can download the package from below.

Note that the Good Lock app is just a container app. You can install each Good Lock 2021 module and access it using this tutorial: How to install Good Lock Plugins without Good Lock container app.

Open Galaxy Store links using Samsung phones. For regions where the Good Lock plugins aren’t available officially, can download the APK from below. The Good Lock app is available on the Galaxy Store to users in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, the U.K. and the U.S.

Here is the list of all Good Lock 2021 APK including modules: (Links- Galaxy Store | APKMirror)

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