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Good Lock is one of Samsung’s most popular apps. While the app does not come as a stock or system, it acts as an optional accessory with very powerful features for Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets. God Lock brings features to customize almost all the sections of the Samsung mobile operating system with plugins such as LockStar for lockscreen, QuickStar for quick settings panel, Task Changer for recent app switcher, NavStar for navigation bar, One Hand Operation+ for navigation gestures, and much more.

The latest Good Lock plugin that leaked for the Samsung Galaxy devices is called Pentastic. As the name suggests, Pentastic brings advanced functionalities and customization options for S-Pen. So this app may only be compatible with the Galaxy Note series. So far we only have a leaked video of the Pentastic app for Samsung. Checkout the video below.

Samsung gave a glimpse of some of the features of Pentastic. As inferred from the video above, the new Good Lock module will have a quick camera launch action by just double tapping the screen using SPen. Other than that users will be able to customize the SPen interface when it it activated by the stylus. Edge panel customization is also included. New stickers and Emoji support.

The manufacturer packs all the features you can ever find in a smartphone via tools like Good Lock, Galaxy labs, Samsung Themes, custom fonts, custom icon packs, and much more. Not to forget the stunning Samsung Theme Park APK for Galaxy devices where you can literally build your own themes right on your phone. HomeUp lets you customize the homescreen as well.

Key features of Pentastic:

Change the form of Air Command
Change the shape of S Pen Hover Pointer
Change the sound of S Pen
Set double tap to shortcut by pressing S Pen

Download Pentastic APK – A new Good Lock 2020 plugin

Updated: Latest Pentastic APk works with One UI 2.1 for Note 9/10. Pentastic is a Good Lock plugin. So you may need to have the Good Lock launcher or container installed on your device. Moreover, the Pentastic APK is not yet available as it just released. Stay tuned for the APK.

Moreover, you can also download and use Pentastic as a standalone app without the need of Good Lock using the tutorial listed below. While you can still use it without the Good Lock container app, we highly recommend you to download and try out all the Good Lock plugins (downloads below). As for the app compatibility, it may only work on the Note series as it has the SPen including Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series, Note 10 series, and Note 9 series.

Galaxy Store link:

If the Galaxy app store links doesn’t work, you can still download the APK from below and install it using below tutorial.

Direct APK download:

Note: For Google Drive links, download to PC and transfer to phone storage.

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