Ever since the lockdown, users are spending more and more of their time online consuming online content and also posting some cool new entertaining videos. Developers have also been creative and bringing some new apps to express. Every now and then new trends are set. Do you remember the FaceApp, where you can basically swap your face with anyone on the internet and click cool photos? Well we introduce you to a game changing face swap app, but for videos! The app is called Reface.

If you have been following the recent internet trend, then you may have come across videos of people swapping their face with a celebrity’s body in a video. For instance, you can be standing as a Leonardo Di Caprio and receive the Oscar award. All this can be done with the help of one AI powered (possibly deep fake technology) app called Reface. Create small video clips by swapping your face with the character in the video. Here, download the latest version of Reface app for your smartphone and start swapping your faces!

The Reface app just recently got re-branded from Doublicat. With Reface app you can create hyper-realistic videos or GIFs with the help of your selfie camera. It simply uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to create near perfect swap for your face into videos and GIFs. The final results are just astonishing as the finishing is done very nicely. Not only that, but users can also use it for their customized memes of their own face by using this Reface app.

The Reface app is available for both Android as well as IOS devices and can be downloaded through their respective app stores. The link for the app has been provided below which will redirect you to the respective app stores. Alternatively, you can download the Reface APK for manual installation on Android.

REFACE APP download

Reface: Funny face swap videos
Reface: Funny face swap videos

Download Reface APK for Sideload

The Reface Android app is not a standalone APK. It comes in 4 packages – a base app and three more supporting config APK files. This is called multiple APKS or Split APKS for compatibility and stability with all Android devices. So in order to install or manually sideload the Reface app onto any Android device, download all the files below and go through the installation procedure below.

Note: Extract the zip to install get the APK files.

How to install Reface APK on any Android device?

It is recommended that you try the Play Store link first. See if the Reface app is compatible with your device on the Play Store and is available in your country or region. If both the conditions are met, then you don’t have to worry about the method listed below. However, for some reason, if Reface app throws and error, then download the multiple APKS or Split APKS from above and install it using one of the following methods.

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