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One of the hot topics of this month is the Epic battle (pun intended) between Epic Games and the 2 most major mobile ecosystems Android and iOS. Epic’s trial against Apple is ongoing, and my soon take some action against Google. In return both the tech giants have taken a big step by removing Epic’s Fortnite game listing from their respective App stores. While Apple outright banned Fortnite on the iPhones and Mac OS, you can still sideload it on your Android device.

Moreover, if you have installed Fortnite from the Google Play Store, you’ll still be able to play the game, but it won’t receive any feature updates — including the new Season 4 expansion. However, hang tight, Android users need not worry. We have a tip on how to download and play Fortnite season 4 on your Android devices.

If you wanna know why all this mess is happening then you can read this paragraph, else head directly to the download section below. It all started when Epic games sneakily put in code to bypass the 30% App store and Play Store cut by enabling their own payment system directly to their store. This goes against Apple’s App Store and Google Play store policies. Epic made a model where they were getting paid directly and without giving any cut to any of the App stores. To which Apple and Google reacted by removing the game from their respective App stores. Right after which Epic games planned to sue both Google and Apple for removing the game from the stores.

Download Fortnite APK

Since Android is an open source operating system, users can easily sideload the Fortnite APK onto their smartphones, unlike Apple’s iOS. While Fortnite won’t be getting get any updates officially from Google Play store, you can still download the latest version containing Season 4 from Epic Games store.

Download the game from the Epic Games App from below. Visit the link from your Android phone or mobile device you want to install Fortnite on.

APK Download:

Download it and giving your browser permission to install apps from unknown apps. Once the installation is complete, launch the Epic Games app from app drawer. Now, download Fortnite APK from within the app to install it on your phone. It will give you the option to play the latest season 4 on your Android device as well.

Download for Samsung phones:

Alternatively, if you have a Samsung Galaxy device then you can simply go to Galaxy store and download Fortnite straightaway to play.

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