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Updated: Good Lock 2020 plugins Task Changer, NotiStar, and Edge Touch get a new update today on February 10, 2020. Samsung just released the stunning Good Lock 2020 customization tool in support of their latest One UI 2.0 firmware update. The update also supports the previous Android 9 Pie and 8.1 Oreo running devices including the Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note 8. As we all know, rest of the Samsung flagship phones have already been updated to stable Android 10 based on One UI 2.0 inclusing the Galaxy S10, Note 10, Galaxy S9, and Note 9. Plus, the new 2020 flagship phones called the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra are just about to launch. Today, the manufacture released a HotFix for some of the popular Good Lock 2020 plugins including One Hand Operation +.

One Hand Operation +, if you don’t already know,  is one of Good Lock’s finest plugins. It features highly customizable gesture navigation. This is in addition to Google’s implementation of navigation gestures in Android 10 gestures and Samsung’s full screen gestures as well. With One Hand Operation +, you can customize your swipe actions, position, and the navigation area to however you like. Good Lock 2020 gets a new update for One Hand Operation + with several bug fixes.

The latest version of One Hand Operation + v3.1.11 features the following bug fixes:

- Fixed dark mode problem.
- Support multiple gesture handles. 
- Enhanced [Task Switcher] function. (Close all , Sub menu) 
- Enhanced [Quick Tools] function. 
- Enhanced [Home screen shortcut] function.
- Enabled to use system's touch vibration. 
- Added detailed color setting for animation.
- Fix handler showing problem after running game. (WQHD resolution)
- Fix vibration problem on Android 10 OS.

The latest version of Task Changer v3.0.00.10 features the following bug fixes:

Apply stabilization code.
Provide gesture cube effect ON / OFF menu.
(Known issue : Assis app will not work if Gesture hint OFF. Please wait next release.)

The latest version of NotiStar v2.1.21.1 features the following bug fixes:

- Fixed re-entering to Lock screen when changing notification hide content setting on Lock screen
- Fixed the issue that NotiStar's filters are overlapped on Bottom Gesture Bar
(Known issue : The issue that a NotiStar handler is shown on the app screen, not on the lock screen, is currently analyzing the cause. Please wait next release)

Apart from this, Good Lock 2020 also got Dark Mode support. Theme Park plugin also support Samsung’s Night Mode. So now you can create your own Samsung Themes, including Dark Themes, right on your smartphone without an external software or connection to PC. While One UI 2.0 already features a dedicated screen recorder in the quick settings panel, Nice Catch is a very useful tool that supports Android 9 Pie or older devices. It is a full-fledged screen recorder with many features.

There are several Good Lock plugins such as LockStar (to customize lockscreen), QuickStar (to customize quick settings panel), Task Manager (to customize recent apps panel), Routines (similar to Tasker or routines for Google Assistant), ClockFace (to customize Always on Display AOD), NavStar (to customize navigation bar), and much more. So download and install the latest updated Good Lock 2020 APK and plugins or addons from below.

Some screenshots of Good Lock 2020:

What’s new with Good Lock 2020?

Good Lock 2020 features the following changelog. Note that this has been translated from South Korean language using Google translate. Main highlight is Dark Mode!

Support a dark theme.
Follow the OneUI 2 principle.  
Change to new format of profile information a app.
Show a splash screen of GoodLock app.

QuickStar (Android 10 only)
Refine quickpanel coloring and improve visibility.
Support the central position of the clock (excluding Hole or Notch assignments).

Add Vertical Stack layout.
Provides an internal VI Queue to distinguish the quick switch from the gesture.  

Add menu for customizing the NotiStar handler on the lock screen.

MultiStar (Android 10 only)
Run the selected app quickly with a split screen or a pop-up menu, with tap and hold of the Recent button.
Resize a gesture area for the pop-up view action.
Even if you delete the app from the recently used app, you can set it to maintain the specific app.
When the pop-up view is closed, it remembers the last location and helps it run there again.
Multi-sound moves to Sound Assistant app.  

Available to create a theme for dark mode.
Select the color manually instead of its automatic extraction.

One Hand Operation+
Available to add additional auxiliary handler.
Additional features within the Quick Toolbar (like Mobile data, game booster).
Support the home screen shortcut function.
Add vibration feedback settings.
Pick the color of the animation.

Download latest Good Lock 2020 APK

Updated: Good Lock 2020 is now live. One plugin called LockStar is still not available. It will be added to the following folders once the plugin is live. So stay tuned! More plugins coming. A new plugin is also now available called Samsung Plus Mobile. So download the full Good Lock 2020 zip file from below and install each plugin separately.

Good Lock 2020 Galaxy Store links: Here are the direct links to Good Lock plugins available on Galaxy App store. Open the following links using your Samsung Galaxy device!

Good Lock 2020 APK downloads

Here are the download links for the complete Good Lock 2020 package. Download to phone, extract to storage, and install every app.

Good Lock app may be area restricted, you may see blank when you open it. If this happens, use the Good Lock 2018 installation tutorial from below.

Download Good Lock 2020 alternatives

So if Good Lock 2020 is not yet available in your country or regions, or the Good Lock container app shows blank, then you can go through the installation procedure listed here: Download Good Lock 2020 APK for Samsung&#8217;s Android 10 update based on One UI 2.0

Alternatively, download Good Lock 2020 alternatives:

APK download Fine Lock – Good Lock 2020 alternative:

APK download Nice Lock – Good Lock 2020 alternative:

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