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Good Lock 2021 is about to bring a huge update later this year. The upcoming Good Lock update will support Samsung’s next-generation One UI 3.0 firmware update based on Android 11. Samsung, in a recent press release, unveiled some of the most exciting features as well as new modules coming to Good Lock 2021. These modules include Pentastic, Wonderland, Keys Cafe, Share Manager, and Galaxy Tablet. Not to mention, the revamped Theme Park and HomeUp app. A new Share Manager feature just hit the Galaxy Store via latest Home Up app update v1.0.01.17. So download and install Share Manager.

We already have Pentastic, Wonderland, and Keys Cafe readily available for download. A brand new Share Manager module just popped up on the Samsung Galaxy Store with exciting new features. Share Manager can customize the sharing window on Samsung. This is the window that pops up when you hit the share option in any Android app. You can now comfortably organize the sharing window by placing apps that you use often at the top. You can also hide features and apps that you don’t need. Here is how the share manager looks like.

Share Manager by Samsung

Moreover, you can hide items such as shared data info, Nearby share, and Direct share and only show apps of your choosing in the sharing window. A complete feature list is given below.

[New Features] 
- Since OneUI 2.5 Share Manager is now available. Use Share Manager to comfortably organize the sharing window. You can place apps that you use often to the front of the sharing window and hide features and apps that you don’t need.

You can hide items such as shared data info, Nearby share, and Direct share and only show apps of your choosing in the sharing window. 
- Hiding shared data info/Nearby share/Direct share: You can hide these items from the sharing window. 
- Direct share bookmark: You can show, hide, or change the location of direct sharing contacts. 
- Choosing apps to share: Manage shared apps that are shown in the sharing window.

Checkout how Share Manager works via Jimmy is Promo:

YouTube video

Yes, Share manager is part of Home Up now. It is not a separate app. You can access it by opening Home Up app. APK download below.

Download Share Manager APK

Share Manager is a part of the Home Up module, which is indeed a part of Good Lock. So you may need the latest Good Lock launcher or container app to access Home Up. Alternatively, you will need the latest Home Up APK v1.0.01.17 installed in order to access the Share manager. The latest Home Up app is now available on the Galaxy Store.

As for the app compatibility, it should be compatible with the latest flagships phones including Samsung Galaxy S20 series, Note 20 series, Note 10 series, and Galaxy S10 series running One UI 2.5 and above including One UI 3.0.

Open link using a Samsung phone. Alternatively, you can also download the standalone APK from below. However, you will need to access it using this tutorial without the Good Lock app.

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