Good Lock 2024 is available for all Samsung devices [Patched APK Available]

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Good Lock 2024 APK Download

Samsung is about to launch their new smartphones — the Galaxy S24 series, featuring the latest One UI 6.1 with tons of AI elements. You can check out all the One UI 6.1 features from our detailed article. The phones will come with Android 14 out of the box. But before that, you should be ready with the latest Good Lock 2024 apps and plugins full of customization and personalization features!

The latest Good Lock v2.2.04.81 is now available for download in support of One UI 6.0 and the upcoming One UI 6.1 firmware. It already supports Android 14 and available for many Samsung Galaxy devices.

However, ever since its first launch, Good Lock is restricted to select countries only; although many desired it. In many European countries, Good Lock hasn’t been available for the longest time. This can be bypassed using the patched Good Lock 2024 APK listed below. If you can’t download the Good lock app officially from the Galaxy store, then use the patched APK.

Download Good Lock 2024 APK in all countries across the globe. Most countries in Europe, Asia, and North America are now covered officially. Countries in Africa like Kenya and remaining Asian countries including Malaysia should also see the official Good Lock listing on the Galaxy App Store.

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Download Good Lock 2024 APK for your Samsung Galaxy device

Good Lock v2.2.04.81 and all of its modules are now available for download! You can either download Good Lock from the Samsung Galaxy Store using the official links below. OR get the patched APK. The supported plugins are all in original untouched APKs.

Galaxy StoreDownload Now
Good Lock 2024Good Lock Patched (for all)
Home Upcom.samsung.android.app.homestar.apk
Camera Assistantcom.samsung.android.app.cameraassistant.apk
Nice Catchcom.samsung.android.app.goodcatch.apk
Theme Park com.samsung.android.themedesigner.apk
One Hand Operation + com.samsung.android.sidegesturepad.apk
LockStar com.samsung.systemui.lockstar.apk
Routines + com.samsung.android.app.routineplus.apk
Edge Lighting +com.samsung.android.edgelightingplus.apk
Edge Touchcom.samsung.android.app.edgetouch.apk
Sound Assistantcom.samsung.android.soundassistant.apk
Nice Shotcom.samsung.android.app.captureplugin.apk
Wonderland com.samsung.android.wonderland.wallpaper.apk
Keys Cafe com.samsung.android.keyscafe.apk
Task Changer 
Galaxy Tablet
Share Manager

How to install Good Lock?

  • Download the Good Lock app from Galaxy Store or direct download listed above.
  • Good Lock is a container app. It should prompt you to download all the plugins.
  • If not, get the APK from above and install each one.
  • Launch Good Lock app, and you should find all the modules there.

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Access all Good Lock plugins/modules on any Samsung device (the traditional way)

Good Lock is available on Galaxy App Store. You can download all the supported apps and modules of Good Lock and start using them. If you still can’t see the new customization tool in Galaxy Store, then an alternative is to install something called Fine Lock or Nice Lock. You can also use the following tutorial as an alternative.

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