Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra front back and side profile

As the anticipation builds for the Galaxy S24 series launch on January 17, a recent leak has given Samsung enthusiasts a tantalizing glimpse of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Rendered in a sleek silver finish, the upcoming flagship appears to maintain the design legacy of its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, with a notable twist.

Flat Screen for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

The leaked images showcase a device strikingly similar to the outgoing Galaxy S23 Ultra, but a closer look reveals a noteworthy departure. The Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts a flat screen and back, deviating from the curved design of its predecessor.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra also endorses a flat design at the back, ditching the curvature. Great start to slap a tempered glass at the front and back and protect your S-Ultras.

Although the edges look a bit sharp, this subtle yet impactful change promises a fresh aesthetic while maintaining the signature Samsung style. It also accommodates the next-gen S-Pen.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra flat screen

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Camera Continuity and Titanium Frame Speculation

Retaining the camera design of the S23 Ultra, the S24 Ultra houses all four cameras within a separate metal ring. This design choice hints at a commitment to proven functionality and a visually distinct arrangement.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra back

Additionally, rumors suggest a shift from the Armor Aluminum casing to a rumored titanium frame. If true, this transition could signify a strategic move towards competing directly with the latest iPhone 15 Pros.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera

Unveiling on January 17

The much-anticipated Galaxy S24 series is expected to take center stage at a special event in San Jose, California, on January 17. Following the announcement, the pre-orders will commence promptly, with the first shipments projected to reach consumers a week after the unveiling.

As Samsung prepares to raise the curtain on its latest flagship, tech enthusiasts can’t help but speculate on the impact these design tweaks will have on the overall user experience.


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