Expert RAW app v2.0.09.1 brings Astrophotography and Sky Guide to many Samsung Galaxy devices

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Expert RAW APK features Astrophotography and Sky Guide Samsung Galaxy devices

The Galaxy S23 launch event showcased the flagship Samsung phone alongside the latest software (One UI 5.1) and new Samsung apps. One such app is the Expert Raw app which recently got out of beta and into the stable channel. The Expert Raw app v2.0.09.1 is now available for all eligible Galaxy devices and can be accessed directly from the Samsung camera app.

You can now simply select Expert RAW from the More menu in the Samsung camera app. Plus, the Expert RAW app v2.0.09.1 now brings Astrophotography and Sky Guide right for the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra devices as well. This covers all the eligible devices.

select Expert RAW from the More menu in the Samsung camera app
Select Expert RAW from the More menu in the Samsung camera app

The latest Expert Raw APK v2.0.09.1 brings the most anticipated Astrophotography along with Sky Guide features to all eligible Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Latest Update to Expert Raw Adds Astro Mode

This includes the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy S22 Ultra, S22+, S22, S21 Ultra, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra, ZFold 4, Z Fold 3, Z Fold 2, and more phones from the Foldable lineup, and the Note lineup. It also supports One UI 5.1 firmware and brings the latest features to the camera app.

Here is the changelog:

  1. Image quality improvement
  2. Fixed the loading error of Astrophoto to Lightroom with High efficiency RAW.
  3. Update on the supported model (Galaxy S20 Ultra, N20 Ultra, Z Fold2)

What is Expert Raw?

The Expert RAW offers a wider dynamic range, letting you capture a lot more, from dark areas to bright areas, in one photo.

Various additional features enable brighter and clearer photos even in low-light conditions,
while the manual operation features (ISO, shutter speed, EV, manual focus, white balance, etc.) allow the photographer to directly control the camera however they want.

The photos are saved in both JPEG and RAW formats, and the RAW format can be viewed and edited using the latest apps or software that support DNG.

The previous update to Expert Raw app featured Night photography, Astrophotography mode, and multiple exposures option. It also brings “Special Shooting Technique” for the Expert RAW app.

Samsung community (Korea) moderator Camera 1 charge showcased new features from the latest Expert Raw update in a blogpost here. In part one, Samsung released multiple exposures. In part 2, Astrophoto features are explored.

Samsung’s Expert Raw is getting closer to the Google Camera app and as such, can be used as a GCAM alternative for Galaxy devices.

Read more on: What is Expert RAW?

Expert Raw Multiple Exposures Feature

Multiple exposures option:

A total of 2 recording methods and 4 composite methods are available, and a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 9 pictures can be recorded.

It can be turned on and off using the multiple exposure icon from the quick settings at the top. Select ‘ ∨ ‘ in the top toast to change to other options while shooting.

Samsung Expert RAW Camera Multi Exposure Feature

There are two types of shooting methods: Continuous shooting and Manual shooting.

If you select Continuous, pictures are taken continuously at regular intervals, and Manual allows you to take pictures one by one when you want.

When shooting manually, the previously synthesized results are superimposed on the preview for more convenient and perfect shooting.

Four synthesis methods include:

  • Increase (Add.)
  • Average (Avg.)
  • Bright
  • Dark

Astrophotography and Sky Guide using Expert Raw

A lot of people want to take pictures of the stars. There are a couple of ways you can capture stars at night. One is simply using the night mode on your Samsung Galaxy camera app. The second is to use long exposures in Pro mode.

There is now a third way by using Expert Raw’s new Astrophotography mode.

Astrophotography in Expert Raw uses Image Stacking, which takes several relatively short exposure photos and synthesizes them according to the movement of the celestial body, and the technology that separates the sky and the landscape to prevent the scenery from flowing when compositing according to the movement of the celestial body.

Most importantly, Samsung will also provide a guide to check the constellations!

Download Samsung Expert RAW APK v2.0.09.1

Samsung’s Expert Raw camera app gives photographers a way of accessing the uncompressed data of an image (called RAW), straight from the camera sensor.

Expert Raw Profile

Download from Samsung Galaxy Store

The Expert Raw app is now available in more countries including the UK. So you can directly download the app w from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

How to Enable Astrophotography Mode and Sky Guide in Expert Raw?

Astrophoto mode can be toggled on and off using the Astrophotography icon from quick settings at the top. An option to show an astronomical guide and an option to select shooting time can be selected.

The recording time is 4 minutes, 7 minutes, and 10 minutes. To get more options while recording, select ‘ ∨ ‘ in the top toast to change it.

For Sky Guide, select the Astrophotography icon from the quick settings at the top. Select Show for the Sky guide.

How to use Samsung Camera long exposures for night photography?

  1. Fix the smartphone on a tripod.
  2. Enter Pro mode or Expert RAW in the Camera app.
  3. Manually set Speed ​​and ISO.
    •  If the sky is dark enough, you can fix the Speed ​​as shown below.
    • UW 30 sec / W 20 sec / T 15 sec / ST 4 sec
    • ISO is variable depending on the sky brightness of the day, shooting location, etc.
    • First of all, try shooting with 800. If the result is dark, choose a larger number, and if it is light, choose a smaller number to find a suitable number.
  4. You can leave the color temperature automatically, but you can also set it to your liking.
    •  3500K to 4000K is recommended.

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