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Google I/O 2022 just recently concluded wherein the tech giant showcased its latest software and hardware technology. This includes the latest Pixel 6a, the Pixel 7 series, Pixel Buds Pro, and the upcoming Pixel Tablet. Google also released the latest Android 13 Beta 2 with several new features. While there was no mention of the Android GO firmware, apparently, the Go Edition apps are still being developed. Here is the latest Google Camera GO 3.3 APK download.

Camera Go app does not have a Play Store listing. So there is no changelog. However, it does come with low-end smartphones running the Android Go Edition such as the Nokia 1.3. We have extracted and tested the latest Camera Go app ourselves. It has 4 basic camera modes – photo, video, portrait mode, and translate option on the dashboard.

On the top, you have the settings gear icon, photo gallery/manager, and a flash indicator. Settings include options like Flash, Timer, Face Retouch, selfie mirror image, and grid.

The Camera Go APK size has also been increased with version 3.3 to 92 MB. So we can expect some under the hood stability improvements and compatibility with more Android devices. Currently, Camera Go 3.3 APK supports Android 8.0 Oreo, 9 Pie, 10, 11, 12, 13.

In addition to this, many Gcam developers have deployed Google camera MODs for non-Pixel smartphones. The Gcam Go edition can run on any Android device including Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, Nokia, and more.

Gcam Go can work on almost any hardware you throw it on; be it Exynos, Snapdragon, MediaTek, or any other chipset. Plus, you get most of the Google Camera features as well; including Gcam 8.4 mod like Night Mode (NightSight alternative), HDR+, and more.

Features like support for secondary camera lenses (auxiliary cameras) for some phones, Night Mode (similar to Night Sight), and HDR+ can be found in the latest Camera Go MODS.

Google Camera Go 3.3 Features

Camera Go helps you capture beautiful images, fast.

• Use Portrait Mode to give your photos a professional look by focusing on your subject, as the background appears gently blurred.
• Capture memories at any time of day without the flash, keep the colours rich and details crisp using Night Mode.
• With smart storage features and early warning notifications, Camera Go makes sure you never miss a moment by helping you free up space for your photos when you need it most.
• With Google Lens built into Camera Go, you can see the world in your language by pointing your camera lens at the foreign text.

Note: Night mode is currently available on select compatible devices only.

Latest Google Camera Go 3.3 APK Download

Here is the latest Google Camera Go 3.3.439217877_release (arm64-v8a) APK now available for download. The app has been extracted directly from the Nokia 1.3 phone running Android Go OS. It has been tested working on many Android devices – new and old.

It works on Samsung Exynos processors as well. So users who have a tough time running Gcam on their Samsung devices with Exynos processors can settle for the Google Camera Go. This includes Samsung Galaxy S21/S20/S10, Note 20/10, Galaxy S8 series, S9 series, S7 series.

APK Download

Note features like secondary camera or auxiliary camera support, Night Mode, and HDR+ are available in the GCAM GO MOD APK listed in the next section.

For more features, download the Google Gcam Go port. Simply download to your device, install, and run.

Download GCAM GO 3.3 APK: Camera Go Mod

Here is the modded Camera Go 2.12 APK available for download. Thanks to the developers Shamim, BSG, and Greatness for the amazing port.

The latest GCAM GO 2.12 MOD now supports auxiliary/secondary camera lens, Night Mode for night photography in low lighting, and HDR+. Night Mode is the same feature as Night Sight from the original Google Camera for the Pixel lineup or the latest Gcam ports.

GCAM GO MOD Features

– Fixed aux for few devices.
– Added support for 32 and 64 bits both now.
– Fixed hdr+ and Color issues.

– Added new option menu layout support.
– Added UltraWide lens support.

– Enabled few hidden features of GcamGo that was enabled by default for ZTE 8010 device.
– Enabled hidden features of LILY_EXPERIENCE and more.

– Added 2 types of logcat support.
– Added Aux cam support and more few things.

APK Download

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