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Download Gcam Go APK mod - Google Camera Go APK Mod for Android

Google recently unveiled the latest Android 11 (Go Edition) just last month. The Go Edition is meant for inexpensive smartphones with low end processors and RAM, or even slower storage. Google also developed a number of Go Editions apps for the new OS such as Files Go, Google Go (search), Gallery Go, Maps Go, and also Camera Go. The Camera Go in particular is quite intriguing as it can run on almost any Android devices – Go Edition or not. Most importantly, it just received a new update with the most anticipated Night Mode feature and and upcoming HDR+ feature, set for future release. So APK download latest Google Camera Go with Night Mode active.

While we already have the original Camera Go APK v1.8.3, that did not feature Night Mode option out of the box. Google only whitelisted a few smartphones like Nokia 1.3, WIKO Y61, and WIKO Y81 that supports the Night Mode feature. However, thanks to Gcam developer Wichaya, here we have the latest Gcam Go 1.8 APK with Night Mode option right in the drop down settings. Here is a screenshot.

Gcam Go with Night Mode Camera Go 1.8.3 Wichaya

As you can see, the very first option is Night Mode. Latest Camera Go 1.8.332394960 brings some exciting new features such as Night Mode, for night photography in low lighting. This is the same feature as Night Sight from the original Google Camera for the Pixel lineup or the latest Gcam ports. Night Mode also comes to Camera Go 1.8.3 Mode by Wichaya.

The best part is, Camera Go APK can be installed on almost every Android device with any processor be it Qualcomm, Exynos, or MediaTek. It also does not care about the limitation of Camera2 API. It will run on anything. So for users who have a tough time running Google Camera on their Samsung devices with Exynos processors, can settle for the Google Camera Go. Samsung Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+, Note 10, Galaxy S8 series, S9 series, S7 series.

Download Camera Go APK Mod with Night Mode

Here is the latest Google Camera Go APK v1.8.3 mod or the Gcam Go 1.8.3 APK available for download. The Gcam Go enabled Night Mode for all Android devices. It has been tested working on many Android devices – new and old.

Download Camera Go APK Mod with HDR+

Another great feature that will come to Camera Go update is the HDR option. However, you can get HDR+ feature on Gcam Go right now from our previous post listed below. Note that it is an older version and only has HDR+ and not Night Mode. For Night Mode, get the above APK.

Thanks to the developer Parrot043 for the amazing port. It has all the features from the original app, with new ones like HDR+ mode toggle and a few bug fixes for stability and compatibility.

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