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Google Pixel 4 is right around the corner and we already have several leaks for the two phones. So much so that we already have the early hands-on video of the Pixel 4 along with all the hardware and software specifications. Moreover, the latest Google Camera 7.0 APK just leaked for the Pixel 4 XL devices along with the stunning Pixel 4 stock and live wallpapers. Gcam developers have started porting the latest Google Camera 7.0 to several Android devices. Here we have a perfectly working Pixel 4 Gcam 7.0 APK mod working on most of the Android phones.

Courtesy of Gcam developer nullbytepl, we now have the first Gcam 7.0 modded version that should work on most of the Android devices out there. However, note that as the Pixel 4 devices feature latest Snapdragon 855 processor, it is quite logical that the Gcam port mostly works on phones with the said Qualcomm processor. So for the Android devices fitted with System on Chip (SoC) from Samsung (Exynos), Huawei (Kirkin), or even the MediaTek processors may have to wait for more Google Camera mods from their respective developers. Meanwhile, you can search for previous version of Gcam on this website to find the perfect Gcam for your phone. Stay tuned as we will add more developer mods as they are available.

Here are some screenshots:

As you can see in the screenshots above, the first thing you will notice is that the camera modes have been shifted below the shutter giving more space for the view finder. The top bar, where you would find options like Motion photos, HDR, flash, is now gone. Instead, you will find a new drop down menu at the top center of the screen with all the options like – Motion, Timer, Flash, Ration, Settings, and more. Night Sight now has a new option called “Infinity focus”. The viewfinder UI looks clean and has more space for capturing photos.

New features of Pixel 4 Gcam 7.0 includes – “Camera coaching” feature that tips you on how to take a better photo. The new “save selfie as previewed” option found under advanced settings will turns off mirroring of the front-facing camera when disabled. Finally a “HDR+ control” option will trigger manual controls for HDR+.

Don’t worry all the features from the Google Camera 6.3 APK or the previous camera version like v6.2 and v6.3 are all present in here. These features include:

  • Night Sight
  • HDR + (front and back camera)
  • Portrait mode (front and back camera)
  • Motion photo (front and back camera)
  • Camera (HDR+, Flash, Front Camera, Zoom, Autofocus, etc.)
  • Video (30fps, 60fps, Video Stabilization, Autofocus, etc.)
  • Time Lapse
  • Panorama
  • Photo Sphere
  • Lens Blur
  • RAW
  • AR Stickers

So download the latest Google Pixel 4 camera modded APK for all the Android devices. Note that this is the latest Google Camera 7.0 APK MOD. So it should work on all phones running Android 9.0 Pie or later like Android 10 Q.

Pixel 4 Gcam 7.0 APK Mod – Download Google Camera 7.0 APK Mod port for all phones

Updated: Checkout Parrot’s Gcam mods for final stable versions! Following is the first ever Google Camera 7.0 mod APK available for download. Thanks to developers like nullbytepl and Parrot043 for the amazing port. According to developers, the modded version should work perfectly fine on devices with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors. So this includes most of the Android phones out there. Also, the latest Gcam is targeted towards Android 9 Pie or later.

The latest Google Camera 7.0 (Gcam 7.0) port from the Google Pixel 4 XL device has been tested working on devices like Nokia 6.1, Google Pixel 3, 2, 1, OnePlus 7, 7 Pro, Essential Phone, Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro, and more.

Note for Google drive (Gdrive) download links, download to PC (or mobile browser), transfer it to phone storage, and then install the Gcam APK to phone. OR use the mirror link. Also, for normal operation, restart the camera after the first start.

Pixel 4 Google camera 7.0 by san1ty

san1ty is the developer behind various Xiaomi devices including the poco f1, mi8, mix2s, mix 3, mi 9t, mi 9t pro, k20, k20 pro, and more. So you can say the Gcam 7.0 version by san1ty is the best thing to happen for Android phones running Snapdragon processors. This Google camera 7.0 should work on most of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, 845, 835 phones.

Pixel 4 Gcam 7.0 downloads from nullbytepl:

Join the developer’s telegram group where you can donate him and get the latest items.

Pixel 4 Gcam 7.0 downloads from Parrot:

Parrot’s latest Gcam mod features Slow Motion, AWB settings, crash fix, time lapse fixed, and much more. The latest Exif version also works on Samsung’s Exynos processor Android phones.tested on Galaxy S10, S9, S8. So get the latest APK from below. Most of the feature are working with the latest final stable version by Parrot043.

Join the developer’s telegram group where you can donate him and get the latest items for the full developer downloads repository.

Pixel 4 Gcam 7.0 downloads from the_dise:

Gcam 7.0 APK mod by Marlin-ku

Marlin-ku is the Google camera developer behind suppting devices like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and the Nokia 8.1. So you can say the Gcam 7.0 mod listed below should work great on Nokia phones or similar mid range Snapdragon devices like the 700 series and the 600 series.

You can also get the stable Gcam Mod from below for better shots on Android 8.0/8.1, 9.0 Pie, or earlier from manufacturers such as OnePlus, Essential Phone, Xiaomi, Samsung, Nokia, Asus, Huawei, etc.

You may also like to see how to enable Astrophotography feature on Google Camera 7.0. Image source AnhEm TV YouTube channel.

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