Download Google Camera 7.0 PK with Astrophotography from Pixel 4 XL

Updated: Astrophotography mode was enabled in Google Camera 7.0. Now, with latest Google Camera 7.2 from Pixel 4, many developers have stepped into the development of Gcam 7.2 APK mods for several Android devices. We now have the latest Google Camera 7.2 APK original as well as modded version from the Pixel 4 XL devices. Developers like parrot, the_dise, Urnyx05, cstark are constantly updating Gcam 7.2 and Gcam 7.0 mods with the latest Astrophotography feature embedded into the new NightSight mode. So download latest Google Camera 7.2/7.0 with Astrophotography mode.

Original: When Google introduced the Night Sight feature with their Google Camera 6.1 APK from Pixel 3 devices, it took the world by storm and brought a revolution in the smartphone cameras. All the manufacturers across the globe have now started implementing the Night Sight feature in their respective stock camera apps. This also includes Apple’s latest iPhone 11 Pro devices. If you think Google has stopped here, then you are mistaken. The upcoming Pixel 4 will also feature Astrophotography mode. So download the latest Google camera 7.0 with Astrophotography feature and how to activate it.

Now, we won’t get into details about what Astrophotography stands for, because most of out readers are capable of doing some research of their own. To simply put it, Astrophotography is taking photos of the stars. While the term in Astrology goes beyond just taking photos of the stars at night, when it comes to taking photos from a phone’s camera (and not a telescope), this is as simple as it gets. So unlike Night Sight, Astrophotography will now include more stars in your photos while taking photos of the sky. The feature is hidden under Night Sight option. In order to activate it, you will need to keep your phone extremely steady and enable some options in developer setting. Here is how.

Download Google Camera 7.2/7.0 APK with Astrophotography mode (Gcam 7.2 and Gcam 7.0 mod)

If you have been following our previous posts, then you might know that we already have several Gcam 7.0 mods from Pixel 4 along with the original Google Camera 7.0 APK. The best thing about the latest Google Camera 7.0 are the new features that com with it. Most importantly, all the camera mods are capable of Astrophotography mode.

Note: Use the original Gcam 7.9 if you have the previous generation Google devices including Pixel 3, 3 XL, 2, 2XL, 1, 1 XL, and 3a (XL). For all other Android phones, you will need to download the Gcam 7.0 mod APK. (first link)

We already have the stunning Pixel 4 stock and live wallpapers, Pixel 4 launcher, Themes app, wallpapers APK, along with the most anticipated Google Camera 7.0+ APK. In order to activate Astrophotography feature in Google camera 7.0, you will need a tripod and enable some features from the developer settings.

How to enable AstroPhotography feature in Gcam 7.2/7.0 Pixel 4 mod

  • Download the Google Camera mod from above.
  • Install and launch the Gcam app on your Android phone.
  • Swipe down to get the settings menu.
  • Tap on the settings icon.
  • Scroll down and find “Developer Settings”. On some Gcam mods, the developer settings option is under “About”.
  • Under Developer Settings, scroll down and enable the following options:


  • From the camera’s main UI, select Night Sight.
  • Now, in order to activate Astrophotography, you will need to keep your phone very steady.
  • Take your tripod and go out for some Astrophotography!

Here is a video tutorial from In Depth Tech Reviews on how to enable the Google Camera V7.0 Astrophotography:

YouTube video

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