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Updated: Added more Google Pixel 4 XL stock wallpapers along with the Live Wallpapers APK port. Moreover, we already have several Pixel 4 hands-on videos and first impressions of the device in our posts about the Pixel 4 Launcher and Themes APK, and Google Camera 7.0 port from the Pixel 4. So check them out and download the stunning Pixel 4 stock and live wallpapers from below.

Original: The Google Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL are upcoming smartphones from the search giant. These are the 4th generation Android devices from Google that features all the latest hardware and software specifications that flagship phones should consist. The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are expected to feature the Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 (7 nm) chipset; if not the Snapdragon 855 featuring in OnePlus7T and 7T Pro. Plus, storage and RAM options starting from 6GB of RAM and 128GB internal storage. UFS 3.0? We don’t know as of yet.

However, the main attraction of the Pixel phones are the cameras. the Pixel 4 devices are expected to have at least 3 camera sensors at the rear. The phones may also feature a 90Hz refresh rate display. All these specification merged with Android 10 and over 3 years of update is a sweet deal. The devices also come with a set of new wallpapers. So download the amazing Google Pxiel 4 and Pixel 4 XL wallpapers from below. Here are the real world Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL hands-on images that have been surfacing across the internet.

Google Pixel 4 XL images:

Google Pixel 4 XL

Google Pixel 4 XL back

Google Pixel 4 leaked image front:

Google Pixel 4 USA variant leaked

Google Pixel 4 leaked image back:

Google Pixel 4 USA variant leaked-2

If you missed the official Google Pixel 4 teaser, here it is:

YouTube video

Download Pixel 4 wallpapers updated

Here are more Google Pixel 4 wallpapers with Dark and Light mode. Initially there were a total of 6 wallpapers in a resolution or 2161 x 4097 with 2 light mode, 2 dark mode and 2 AMOLED black mode Pixel 4 wallpapers. Now the updated folder has 37 more Pixel 4 wallpapers for download come in high resolution (FHD). We will keep this post updated. So stay tuned!

Here are the Pixel 4 wallpapers: (Download link below):

[sgdg path=”AndroidSage/Wallpapers/Google Pixel 4 Wallpapers”]


Download Pixel 4 Live Wallpapers

There are two options you can get the Pixel 4 live wallpapers. The first is to download the new live wallpapers APK port and the second is to download the video wallpaper file from below and set it as home screen or lock screen live wallpaper manually. Here we have listed both. Currently we only have one dark mode live wallpaper from the device. For all the official ones, you will have to stick to the wallpaper APK from below. We will post the light mode, pink, black and many other Pixel 4 accent color video wallpapers here soon. So stay tuned!

Here are the Pixel 4 live/video wallpapers: (Download link below):

[sgdg path=”AndroidSage/Wallpapers/Google Pixel 4 Wallpapers/Pixel 4 live”]


Pixel 4 live wallpapers APK port

Following we have listed the amazing Pixel 4 live wallpapers APK for download. The PAK has been ported by XDA forum member Pranav Pandey and here is the ported APK that should work on all the Android smartphones running Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and Android 7.0 Nougat or later like the 8.1 Oreo, 9 Pie, and Android 10. Samsung Exynos or Huawei Kirkin chipsets or processors may not be supported.

Pixel 4 Live wallpapers


Installation instructions:

  • Uninstall any previous APK.
  • Download the Pixel 4 live wallpaper APK from above.
  • Install it as normal app on your phone.
  • Select from different live wallpapers. Wallpapers > Live wallpapers.
    -On devices/ROMs (like Samsung, etc.), install Google Wallpapers to set live wallpapers.
    -On some devices, you may be required to allow the location permission manually via:
    Settings > Apps > Pixel wallpapers 19 > Permission > Location.

More Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL Wallpapers (Dark and Light Mode)

There have been several leaked images of the Google Pixel 4 with the home screen turned on. It packs with some stunning wallpapers. Here are the Pixel 4 wallpapers from leaked images for you. There are a total of 4 wallpapers in a resolution or 2160 x 4097. We have also posted the white version of Pixel 4 wallpapers below. Moreover, here we will post the high quality QHD official Pixel 4 XL wallpapers as soon as they are available. We will keep this post updated. So stay tuned.

Preview of the Pixel 4 wallpapers in dark:

Google Pixel 4 wallpapers

Preview of Pixel 4 XL wallpapers in white:

Google Pixel 4 XL wallpapers

Thanks to ZheanoBlog we now have the extracted Pixel 4 wallpapers from leaked images. The download links are listed below:


Download Pixel 4 white wallpapers:

Thanks to pashapuma1 we now have the extracted Pixel 4 wallpapers from leaked images in white. The download links are listed below. Here is the preview of light mode Pixel 4 wallpapers.

LxvP1G5L3mxxXWV28seZb3TizGJAuC75nunccsqz 5pYIGdHHVcehMDDpBD3K2Qc4bEh0807Euc3nCSlr41LviDWxWWeff3qR3EPw8vBzPT9GTO7bzWuGRIBNhQpx dXkfS1yJmIehae73kD RBzzMpDKSt XlukmSkQC2u2nDi3xPsb0BRjdk8ttwri1Vb8EfbmyhKjzk5fQjLxj3aJMsrMaBTM91UJh9LXue6UR6p6U64Sd4jb0Tw dcAiYfgDRPCedUykXf4jjI4No1CV13qHzh9i jjkYjyAMg6HOoeGOv3eFIcs5hONJy6tRUs zB4FNs2PNGoWSep26405Gn4D7sYL1JC fAFa fRYj DAxyCh2LZzud1IHWziusempD8PnTGltnpqhSYxhpy2Xzq7HaWm6NPCqwJ lZ3T1eXGZzhQAn9z2z 8x IsXrDyzneeEUzVbAKNawsAVE0NH4lY4cpWhYT0zFRJLk9SIl9A1CsSdiR9JvMyGmVi9JYclpeeCz0uGE2XyPOEZapVjjRStIkIzPox2J2Rzhg6mJwhDf3qo 2ak8rsbh1 2FROPw1aLesm9no aQfJAHnQqBYFdyEjO3mzYij5CfFRujlABXCAkQtAyF3hS9cKPaDMFd7MEgWOPDQELwFMU KbcD ZjtfFStjNdE08kZ32PUdsBUSNiccDZ5VdR03iflnPtLmx6cWBnqovvrtBv7Xs53vhdLkHjHJOPlswnoGftTMSKens=w496 h938 no


Note: For Google Photos link, select the photos you want to download, tap on 3 vertical dots on top right corner, and save to device.

More wallpapers:

Thanks to ZedgeBlog on Twitter and pashapuma1 on Twitter for the wallpapers and images. Source for live wallpapers. Image source 1, 2

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