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Minecraft Earth is an epic augmented reality mobile game designed for smartphones running Android OS and Apple iOS. With Minecraft Earth, you can craft a stunning Mincraft build in real life (with augmented reality) using just your mobile phone. Minecraft Earth released its closed beta today for the world. Here is the APK download for the same for all the Android fanatics out there. The beta is currently Android only in cities like Seattle, London, Tokyo, Stockholm, and Mexico City. So if you live in any of these regions, then you can download the Minecraft APK from below and start building!

The developers of Minecraft Earth, Mojang, announced on Twitter today that the Minecraft Beta is currently live for all Android phones capable of running augmented reality (AR-core) running Android 7 or above to play. However, the closed beta is invite only and you will either need to get an invite from friend or sign up on Minecraft website (link at the end). So if you live in one of the launch cities, then you can start playing the exciting new augmented reality mobile game right away.

Minecraft Earth is basically an advanced version of Pokemon GO where you can craft new builds by just using your mobile phone on-the-go in augmented reality. For instance, while walking through your neighborhood, you see a patch of grass or an open field where you walk everyday, you can simply take out your phone and craft a beautiful Minecraft build. You along with other Earth players will be able to see you amazing Minecraft Earth builds on that spot everyday. Still don’t now what we are talking about?

Here is the official trailer of the Minecraft Earth Mobile game:

YouTube video

Features of Minecraft Earth:

Here are some of the best Minecraft Earth features that you can experience in your new AR game. You can build, collect mobs, explore a whole new augmented reality world, team up with friends, or activate the survival mode as well.

  • BUILD amazing creations in tabletop mode and place them in the real world at life size.
  • COLLECT various Minecraft Earth mobs you know and love. Discover unique variants and use them for your builds.
  • EXPLORE your local neighborhood in augmented reality. Gather resources, take on challenges, and watch your world evolve overtime.
  • COLLABORATE with your friends or other Minecraft Earth players and build by teaming up with them. You can craft new creations together.
  • SURVIVAL mode is also available in the game. Fight hostile mobs in Minecraft Earth and survive the days.

Minecraft Earth screenshots

Download Minecraft Earth APK

The Minecraft Earth is currently in beta state and only available on Android as of yet. We will links the Apple App Store link as soon as it is available for iOS running iPhones and iPads. So stay tuned. Also, Minecraft Earth 2019.0823.16.0 beta APK listed here is 57 MB in size and may also need more space for in-game downloads. So keep storage space of around 2 GB for Android phones. You will also need ARCore installed on your phone. Link below.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Minecraft Earth 2019.0823.16.0 beta from

Direct APK download:

  • Minecraft Earth 2019.0823.16.0 beta | Download APK (gdrive)| Box mirror

Note: Upon request from Mojang developers, we have removed the download links. For Google drive link (first) download to PC then transfer to phone storage and install it. Or you may get parsing error.

Download from TapTap store:

Note: TapTap is an unofficial Android app store, but safe to use. The link will download the TapTap client and then from within the store it will automatically start downloading and installing the Minecraft Earth game for you.

Download PUBG mobile for Apple iOS:

Here is the Apple app store link for the latest PUBG Mobile app.

ARCore APK: Google Play Services for AR to play Minecraft Earth

You will also need the latest version of Google Play Services for AR (ARCore) installed on your Android phone in order to play the Minecraft Earth game. Here is the Google Play Services for AR APK for you. Install the Minecraft Earth APK and then the AR Core APK from below.

Google Play Services for AR
Google Play Services for AR
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Direct APK download:

Note: For Google drive link (first) download to PC then transfer to phone storage and install it. Or you may get parsing error.

Sign Up for Minecraft Earth Beta

Here are some important links for Minecraft Earth to help improve the beta version. You can easily sign up for the beta from the official website listed below.

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