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Google launched their latest flagship phones called the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. The new devices featured the latest Google Camera 7.2. While the phones may not appeal to a large community of smartphone users, it does bring some astounding features like the latest Gcam 7.2 app. Today, Google updated their stock camera app for the Pixel series to v7.2.014 and then again to v7.2.016. So these are two consecutive updates in a day for the entire Pixel series. Download the new and improved Google Camera 7.2.016 APK for the Pixel 4, 3, 3a, 2,  and the OG Pixel 1; if you haven’t already. Also, checkout the modded Gcam 7.2 APK port for your Android device from various developers across the globe.

The previous generation Pixel 3, 3a, 2, and 1 take a jump from Gcam 6.3 directly to the Gcam 7.2 from Pixel 4. Apart from the support for older Pixel series phones, the latest Google Camera 7.2.016 brings a series of upgrades. The first thing you will notice is the new user interface with the camera mode carousel now shifted below the shutter button. The top bar for options is gone and you get a new hidden menu which opens an overlay when swiped upon. This new overlay gives you all sorts of options like HDR+, flash, motion blur, and the settings too.

If you have been following our posts lately, then you might already know this and already running one of the stunning Gcam 7.2 mods on your Android devices. The previous leaked Google Camera 7 app already supported social sharing feature. The latest camera version now lets you quickly share your captured photos to any of the social apps like Messages, WhatsApp, Telegram, or Instagram Stories.

Most intriguing feature of the Google Camera 7.2 is the new Astrophotography mode. This new feature is hidden under Night Sight mode. In order to enter Astrophotography mode, switch to Night Sight and keep your device extremely steady. Then you will get a toast message saying “Astrophotography on”. Use a tripod if you must. Astrophotography mode feature now comes in support for Pixel 3, 3a, 2, and 1. Checkout our detailed tutorial on – How to enable Google Camera 7.2/7.0 Astrophotography feature from Pixel 4.

If you feel inclined, you can get most of the Pixel 4 features on your Android device with the Pixel 4 stock and live wallpapers, Pixel 4 Launcher, Pixel Themes, and Wallpaper APK, and the Google Camera 7 Mod with Astrophotography feature. You can checkout more about this new mode from our previous post about Google Camera 7.2.

What’s new with Google Camera 7.2.016?

• Added dual exposure controls to adjust brightness and HDR of your photo (Pixel 4).
• Added Astrophotography to Night Sight to allow you take a picture of the Milky Way with one tap (Pixel 3, 3a, and 4).
• Added Frequent Faces to help you capture Top Shot photos where the people you photograph most are smiling and not blinking (Pixel 4).
• Added Touch and hold on the shutter button to capture Top Shot photos in the default camera mode (Pixel 2, 3, 3a, and 4).

Checkout the latest Google Camera 7.2 screenshots: (thanks to 9to5google for the images)

Plus, you get all the core features from the Google Camera 6:

  • Night Sight
  • HDR + (front and back camera)
  • Portrait mode (front and back camera)
  • Motion photo (front and back camera)
  • Camera (HDR+, Flash, Front Camera, Zoom, Autofocus, etc.)
  • Video (30fps, 60fps, Video Stabilization, Autofocus, etc.)
  • Time Lapse
  • Panorama
  • Photo Sphere
  • Lens Blur
  • RAW
  • AR Stickers

Download latest Google Camera 7.2.016 APK for Pixel 4, 3, 3a, 2, 1

Here is the latest Google Camera 7.2.016 APK extracted directly from the Google Play Store. This is the original Google camera APK file that just got updated on the Play Store. So if you have an older Pixel device and do not see the newest update there, then download the APK from below and simply install it as normal app.

It can seamlessly install on any previous version of Gcam you have as long as your Pixel phones is running Android 10 or later. This includes phones like Google Pixel 4 (XL), Pixel 3 (XL), 2 (XL), OG Pixel 1 (XL). Now, you may not find the Astophotography feature in the Pixel 2 / 2XL. A solution to that is download a Gcam 7.2 Mod by cstark from section 2. The Gcam will install alongside the original app and you have more options. You can try this on any Pixel device.

Google Camera
Google Camera
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Download Google Camera 7.2.016 APK:

Note: For Google Drive link, download using PC, transfer it to phone storage, and then install as normal APK. Here is the direct download link for the latest Google Camera (arm64-v8a) (nodpi) (Android 10.0+)

Download Google Camera 7.2 Mod (Gcam 7.2) APK port for all Android devices

Updated: The latest Google Camera 7.2 mod by cstark features manual/forced Astrophotography mode for all Pixel series phones with Light Painting shots. Moreover, we also have a stable version of Gcam 7.2 Mod port for all Android devices in the section 2.

In this section 2 you will find modded versions of Google Camera 7.2 from Pixel 4. It should run on most of the smartphones updated to Android 10 including OnePlus 7, 7Pro, 7T, 7T Pro, OnePlus 6, 6T, Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro, Essential Ph-1, Nokia 8/7/6/5/3 Samsung Galaxy S10, Note 10 devices, Huawei, Asus, and more.

Get the latest Google Camera 7.2 mods from various developers like parrot, cstark27, dice, San1ty, cstark, Arnova, BSG with the latest features like Astrophotography, enhanced night sight, super resolution zoom, and more.

If your device is running Android 9 Pie or earlier, it is recommended that you try the older versions of Gcam:

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