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Gcam 8.2 APK Download

The most anticipated Gcam 8.2 APK is now available for download for all Android smartphones. Google just recently updated the popular Google Camera app for the Pixel series to version 8.2.204. This new Gcam build brings some very important features to the Pixel 5. Now you can get all these Google Pixel 5 features on any Android device using the latest Gcam 8.2 APK mods listed below.

Google Camera 8.2 or Gcam 8.2 brings very useful features for video recording. You can now press and hold the shutter button while video recording and slide your finger to either zoom in or zoom out. You can even lock the video so it keeps on recording until you interact with it. If you slide your finger to the left or right, it will zoom in or out.

If you side it down, it will lock the video recording for hands-free mode. Once you’ve locked the recording, you can release your finger, and the video will continue to record.

The renowned Gcam developer named DICE has released the first-ever Google Camera 8.2.204 port for all Android devices. This is the same build from the Googe Pixel 5. It also includes features from the previous Google Camera 8.1 build including Ultrawide lens support or Google Cameras, Cinematic Pan for videos, Night Sight in Portrait Mode, Portrait Light, New editor in Google Photos. You can check out all the features from our previous Pixel 5 features post.

Gcam 8.2 APK Download

The first Gcam 8.2 APK for all Android devices is here from the developer the_dice. It should be work on many smartphones running on Android 12, 11, 10, or older.

Gcam 8.2 by Dice

Gcam 8.2 by Greatness

Greatness’ Gcam 8.2 brings all the stock features in addition to all the important Greatness features from Gcam 7.3.

This Gcam officially supports the following category of devices:

  • Category 1: OnePlus 2020 phones (Everything Works)
  • Category 2: OnePlus 2019, Oneplus 2021, Oppo Find X2 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra with only one video related feature missing.

APK Download

Gcam 8.2 Mods from developers like Arnova, parrot, cstark27, Urnyx05, dice, San1ty, cstark, Arnova, BSG, etc. will come soon. So stay tuned!

Stable Gcam 8

As this is the first Gcam 8.2 build, it may not be very stable. As a solution, you can settle for the previous Gcam 8.1/8.0 mod from renowned developers. These are stable and have been tested working on 44 Android devices.

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