Download latest stable Google Camera 7.3 APK for all Android devices-min

Google recently released a new version of the Pixel 4 camera app. The Google Camera v7.3 features some critical bug fixes, minor changes to the user interface, and prepare the app for the upcoming mid-range (budget) Pixel phones. Of course, we are talking about the Pixel 4a and 4a XL. While we already have the latest the Google camera v7.3.0.17 available for download (updated just last month) the app had its own issues. So Google immediately released a new HotFix version for the same. So download and install the latest Google Camera 7.3.018 APK HotFix for all the Pixel series phones including a modded Gcam version for various Android devices.

The latest Google camera v7.3.018 APK features minor adjustments to the user interface, critical big fixes, and preparation for the upcoming Pixel phones. Taking a closer look at the latest Google Camera v7.3 APK, developers and publishers found that the very app may come to the Pixel 4a series. It also features an automatic Do Not Disturb (DND) mode during video recording. This is a great feature for users who wants a hassle-free video recording experience. You can also see our previous tutorial on how to get rid of the heads up notifications or the popup notifications.

Moreover, stable versions of the modded Gcam v7.3 are also also available for download with the popular Astrophotography mode, Night Sight feature, and all the features from the previous Gcam 7.2. Plus, many developers like cstark, BSG, parrot, Urnyx05, and Arnova have stepped into developing Gcam 7.3 variants for many Android devices including the Gcam HotFix. So download and install the latest Gcam v7.3.0.18 APK.

Download original Google Camera 7.3.018 APK from Pixel 4, 3, 3a, 2, 1

Here is the latest and untouched version of Google Camera 7.3.017 APK extracted directly from the Google Pixel phones. This is the same version you will find on the Play Store. This is the original Google camera APK file. So it will only work on Google Pixel phones. This includes phones like Google Pixel 4 (XL), Pixel 3 (XL), 2 (XL), OG Pixel 1 (XL). Now, you may not find the Astophotography feature in the Pixel 2 / 2XL.

For a modded Gcam version, head over to section 2 below. You can also install the modded Gcam 7.3 onto other Android devices. Best part is you can also try it on phones running Android 9 Pie or later.

Google Camera
Google Camera
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Download Google Camera APK:

Note: For Google Drive link, download using PC, transfer it to phone storage, and then install as normal APK. Here is the direct download link for the latest Google Camera (arm64-v8a) (nodpi) (Android 10+) with filename:

Checkout our detailed tutorial on – How to enable Google Camera 7.2/7.0 Astrophotography feature from Pixel 4. You can also get all the Pixel 4 features on your Android devices including Pixel 4 stock and live wallpapers, Pixel 4 Launcher, Pixel Themes, and Wallpaper APK, and the Google Camera 7 Mod with Astrophotography feature. You can checkout more about this new mode from our previous post about Google Camera 7.2.

Download modded Gcam APK for all Android phones

Here you will find a collection of the latest Gcam 7.3 mod APK from various developers like cstark, BSG, parrot, Urnyx05, Arnova and many more. Various version of the Gcam can be found in our dedicated post below. Find the best Gcam for your smartphone and install it.

Plus, you can also try more stable Gcam 7.2 Mods from various developers and also on many Android devices running Android 10, 9.0 Pie, or earlier. Get the latest Google Camera 7.2 mods from various developers like parrot, cstark27, Urnyx05, dice, San1ty, cstark, Arnova, BSG with the latest features like Astrophotography, enhanced night sight, super resolution zoom, and more.

More Gcam versions:

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