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Samsung just recently released three new smartphones under the Galaxy S22 series and three new tablets under the Galaxy Tab S8 family. All these devices feature OneUI 4.1 firmware upgrade. Although One UI 4.1 is based on Android 12 – same as One UI 4.0 – it comes with tons of new features, animations, wallpapers, and a new theme engine reflecting Google’s Material You design. In addition to this, the most anticipated Good Lock 2022 update is now available for download!

Yes, Good Lock 2022 update is live and the container all called Good Lock has been updated to v2.2. It supports One UI 4.1 firmware and also runs on the Galaxy S22 series and Tab S8 series. Most of the Good Lock modules have also been updated such as QuickStar, Theme Park, One Hand Operation+, Pentastic, LockStar, Wonderland, and many more.

You can combine Good Lock with Samsung’s Expert Raw camera app which will let you use Pro Mode with auxiliary lenses like the Telephoto lens.

Moreover, the One UI 4.1 Beta program for the Galaxy S21 series will start soon. Followed by the current foldable flagship smartphones – Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 – getting their first Android 12 firmware as well.

For older devices, you can still use Good Lock 2021 which supports OneUI 4, One UI 3, or older. The users who are on One UI 4.1/4.0 can try Good Lock v2.2 and all of its modules.

Download Good Lock APK and all of its modules such as LockStar, Routine+, One Hand Operation+, Penstastic, Wonderland, ThemePark, NiceCatch, Edge Touch from below. Also, checkout the changes.

Good Lock (2022.02.22)

 - Fix a system parameter 

 - Fixed GUI issues in One UI 4

 - Modified issues of app compatibility

- Fix layout error (ex. RTL layout)

1. Sorting the order by app installation status
2. Ready for new app (Routine +)
3. Modified GUI issues

Quick Star (2022.02.22)

 - Shorten the entry path for 'Open Quick panel directly' menu.
 - Supported a guide overlay on statubar for the area of 'Quick Setting' and 'Notification'

One Hand Operation + (2022.02.22)

- Add new features. "Move screen" / "Keyboard shortcuts".
- Improve "Quick tools" popup.
- Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Samsung Routine + (2020.10.09)

- Fixed an issue relative to AOD operation.
- Get rid of unsupported actions - Performance mode and To hide the navigation bar.
- Minor issues.

Theme Park (2022.02.21)

- Add features to change each app icon
-  More options to select a wallpaper

- Modified issues of app compatibility
- Improvement of visibility of generated themes.
- Some UI improvements for usability.
*Fold 3/Flip 3 or later
- Support to import the downloaded icon packs
- Change an app icon shape
- Support to create an icon pack 

Home Up (2022.02.22)

- Fixed the display error of folder after S OS upgrade in Tablet
- Increased the maximum number of favorites to 12 in Foldable device.

MultiStar 4.7.00 (2022.02.14)

 - [only One UI 3]
 - Fixed the issue which it was not working after 'Pop-up view action' set ON at times.

 - [only One UI 4]
※'One UI 4' device is available after this version.
1. Support an option,  'Remove blur effect on adjusting split view'
2. Add I love Samsung DeX : 
- Support high resolution regardless of the accessory
- Be able to use more apps at the same time
- “Rotate DeX with our best” in DeX on tablet screen

Download Good Lock 2022 APK – Supports OneUI 4.1

Good Lock 2022 update is now live for Samsung’s One UI 4.1 based on Android 12.

You can either download Good Lock 2022 from the Samsung Galaxy Store using the official links below.

Full ZIP Download

APK Download

OR download the APK files separately.

Download more APK from our previous post for Android 12, 11, 10, 9 Pie, or older.

Good Lock app may be area restricted, you may see blank when you open it. If this happens, use the Good Lock 2018 installation tutorial from below.

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