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Download Windows 11 Wallpapers In 4K Resolution

Microsoft is about to announce their next generation operating system called Windows 11 in the upcoming event held on June 24, 2021. The most popular operating system in the world is about to get a huge new upgrade over the current popular Windows 10 build. While there have already been leaks and hands-on videos of Windows 11, here are all the wallpapers from Windows 11 in 4K resolution.

The first Windows 11 build has leaked to the public and many users are trying out the new operating system. Windows 11 features a UX, however similar to Windows 10, with a few tweaks here and there and revamped user interface. For instance, the the white theme has changed to a blueish shade.

Windows 11 Screenshot 1 min

The taskbar icons are now aligned to the center including the start menu option. Windows 11 also brings new icons, shapes, and fonts.

The OS also support themes, as the wallpaper zip consists of themes ranging from A to D and a default Windows theme you are seeing in the screenshot below. The actual Windows 11 logo has changed too! Look at the start button.

Checkout Windows 11 in action from YouTube channel Michael MJD. It covers all the changes. The actual Windows 11 showcase starts at 5:25.

Download Windows 11 Wallpapers [Total 38]

Update: Windows 11 Wallpapers in 4K Resolution now available for download.

Here are all the Windows 11 wallpapers for download. The following download links are zip files. Once extracted, you will see several different folders. Each folders consist of different themes and its wallpapers. There is also a 4K folder for high resolution desktop PCs. Download all Windows 11 wallpapers – a total of 38 new wallpapers from below.

Here is the classic Windows 11 desktop wallpaper preview. The full download links are listed below.

Windows 11 Wallpapers download min

More wallpapers updated:

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