Download iOS 14 new official wallpaper live and stock

Its another year for Apple’s upcoming WWDC 2020 event. WWDC is basically a developer’s conference by Apple to showcase their upcoming software updates and features for various devices. This year, we are excited about the latest iOS 14 for iPhones, along with iPad OS 14 for iPads, new Watch OS 7, TV OS 14, and finally the Mac OS 11 Big Sur for the MacBooks. Apple will also introduce some new products to the Mac lineup with ARM chipsets. However, there won’t be any iPhone 12 just yet. Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will have a separate launch event later this year. Meanwhile, you can download the new iOS 14 wallpapers for download along with iPad OS 14 and MacOS 10.16 wallpapers later on.

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote is happening tomorrow June 22nd, 2020. You will see Apple’s newest operating system upgrade. The iPhone’s new iOS 14 is a performance and stability upgrade rather than a feature update. Rumors are that Apple might bring some substantial changes to the iOS home screen. You may expect folders, custom wallpapers with iOS 14, a new list view for all the apps on your device, and much more. iOS 14 may also bring new wallpaper settings with third-party apps.

So download and install latest iOS 14 wallpapers from below and set it on your Apple iPhones, iPads, and even Android devices. Watch the WWDC 20 even live here.

YouTube video

Download iOS 14, iPad OS 14, MacOS wallpapers

Updated: A new Apple iPhone OS 14 video just leaked giving out details of the new wallpaper. And sure enough, the wallpaper is now available for download!

Also, thanks to Twitter handle FlareZephyr, here is the iOS 14 representational wallpaper from WWDC 2020.

Here is the iOS 14 wallpaper from the presentation above:

Latest official iOS 14 wallpapers (Total 6)

Here are the latest official stable iOS 14 wallpapers for download. iOS 14, ipad OS 14 and tvOS 14 just officially released for 22 Apple devices including iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs. Download official wallpapers here.

Download iPad OS 14 wallpapers (Total 13)

Original: Here you will find wallpapers from iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and MacOS for all of your devices. The high resolution wallpapers will be listed here after launch event with a resolution of 3208px × 3208px each over 10 MB in size. According to some sources, here are more wallpapers that will make it to iOS 14. Official wallpapers to come after the WWDC 2020 even concludes. So stay tuned!

For Google Photos link, select the wallpapers you want, click on the 3 vertical dots at the top right, and then download or save to device.

WWDC 2020 wallpapers and stickers

Here are the WWDC 2020 wallpapers and stickers. Thanks to Twitter handle @AR72014, we now have the first WWDC 2020 wallpaper for download below.

Download Apple Mac OS 11 Big Sur Wallpapers

Here are the official Apple Mac OS wallpapers available for download from WWDC 2020. Stay tuned for official ones. Thanks to Twitter handle FlareZephyr, here is the Mac wallpapers from WWDC 2020 representational wallpaper. Downloads’s below.

YouTube video

Here is the official Mac wallpaper from MKBHD’s video above. More wallpapers below total 5.

Here are all the Mac OS Big Sur official stock wallpapers. Total 4. Downloads below!

More wallpapers updated:

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