Download Apple Macbook Pro 2020 Wallpapers

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Download Apple MacBook Pro 2020 Wallpapers

Apple added a new product to their laptop lineup today with a 13 inch MacBook Pro 2020. The latest to the MacBook lineup was followed by a new iPhone SE 2020, iPad Pro 2020 and MacBook Air launching earlier this year. The Pro edition of MacBooks feature top of the line hardware and software specifications as they are targeted towards professionals, businesses, and even gamers. Especially towards users in niches including Photography, Coding, Video Editing, Audio, and even Gaming. Here are the stunning MacBook Pro 2020 wallpapers for download.

The latest Apple MacBook Air 2020 looks the same as the previous generation 13′ laptop. As for the specifications, the laptop features a 4-core 10th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 4.5GHz Turbo Boost, whopping 32GB RAM 3733MHz memory and up to 50% faster, and up to 4TB SSD storage with a speed of 3.0GB/s. Moreover, it also comes with Apple’s T2 Security Chip for security. Know more about the MacBook Pro 13′ 2020 straight from Apple.

Amid rumors of the new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro series phones about to launch in the upcoming months, Apple is gradually launching new products in each category throughout the year. The manufacturer introduced a new iPhone, iPad Pro 2020, MacBook Air 2020 earlier this year. Here we have the stunning new Apple MacBook Pro 2020 stock wallpapers for download.

Download Apple MacBook Pro 2020 Wallpapers

Following we have also listed high resolution stock wallpapers from the new Apple MacBook Pro 2020. We have a total of 2 high resolution stock wallpapers for now that can go with your iPhones, iPads, older MacBooks, and more. The resolutions may seem a bit odd but they are still high. More wallpapers to come. So stay tuned!

MacBook 2020 wallpapers

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