Mi Box 4K new Android 9 Pie update download

The Xiaomi Mi Box S, or the re-branded and recently launched Mi Box 4K, has been through multiple beta programs and stable update as well in the past few months. Initially, Xiaomi released the stable version of Android 9 Pie for the Mi Box S which was soon paused for yet another beta program. The manufacturer brought some bug fixes and finally released a new Hotfix update for Mi Box S based on Android 9 Pie. Full story below. For some reason, Xiaomi released yet another beta program for the Mi Box S or Mi Box 4K today with a new build number 2689 termed as OTA 3 beta 0.

The new OTA 3 beta 0 is still based on Android 9 Pie and features some minor issue. That’s the complete changelog for the new beta. Not sure whether Android 10 will come to Mi Box 4K as it was just launched in some countries as a re-branded Mi Box S. So if you have already signed up for the beta program, you should get a new OTA update notification from settings -> about > system updates.

While there is no detailed changelog, we can assume it comes will all the new features from the previous stable release along with the bug fixes from Android 9 Pie stable OTA2 with build R2604. So if you are so inclined, download and install latest Android 9 Pie OTA 3 beta 0 for Mi Box S/4K.

Xiaomi Mi Box S or Mi Box 4K new Android 9 Pie OTA 3 beta 0 update

The update so far…

A few months ago, Xiaomi started Android 9 Pie beta program for the Mi Box S. However, that was a complete and utter disaster as some users reported bricked devices and Bootloops. For those users who didn’t brick their devices stumbled upon several bugs that left the Mi Box S useless. After a few months, Xiaomi restarted Android 9 Pie beta program for the Mi Box S.

This time it get a new stable OTA 2 Beta update.

Features and bug fixes from stable Android 9 Pie build for Xiaomi Mi Box S/4K

The current Android 9 Pie stable public update for the Mi Box S/4K comes with build R2604. It addressed some critical issues with the device. The first and persistent bug with Chromecast not working has been fixed once and for all. Fixed issues with apps playback freeze. Special H264 decode error has been addressed. Most importantly, fixed the issues related to Bluetooth audio not in sync with the video. Fixed HDMI compatibility. Pop sound when STB in standby mode. Also, addressed the issue with Gboard not working when connecting an external keyboard. All this comes with the stable Android 9 Pie update for Mi Box S/4K.

Stable Android 9 Pie for Xiaomi Mi Box S

According to the changelog or update log screenshot, the the OTA comes with the following bug fixes:

  • Chromecast not working
  • Some apps playback freeze
  • Special H264 decode error
  • BT audio is not sync with video
  • HDMI compatibility
  • Pop sound when STB in standby mode
  • Gboard not working when connecting an external keyboard

Download new Android 9 Pie OTA 3 Beta 0 update for Mi Box S/4K with build 2689

Here we have listed the latest Android 9 Pie OTA3 beta 0 update zips for the Xiaomi Mi Box S/4K with build number R2689. This is the full firmware (or full OTA update). So regardless if your device is on Android 9 Pie beta program or the stable Android 8.1 Oreo channel, you can still manually install the new OTA zip via recovery method listed below. The OTA comes in a huge package of 623.7 MB in size.

Download stable Android 9 Pie:

The OTA update download link comes directly from Android’s repository. This is the full OTA update zip which can easily be sideloaded onto Mi Box S/4K via stock recovery. More OTA updates coming up. Stay tuned!


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