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Google has been updating the official YouTube app with new features, simultaneously crippling some of our favorite features like the dislike count, old-school resolution selection, and much more. The best solution is to install YouTube Vanced or Revanced. Here, download the latest working YouTube v18.15.40 APK for Revanced.

The last working version of YouTube Vanced v17 stopped working last week due to some server-side update. The best solution is to install the latest version of YouTube Vanced v18 or install the latest Revanced APK.

YouTube Vanced still lives with the unofficial development by cuynu on Github based on the ReVanced repository. However, YT Vanced does not come with all the Revanced features.

If you want to get on the latest Revanced app, you will need the YouTube v18.15.40 which is latest working version.

Latest YouTube v18.15.40 APK Download

Guide to install YouTube Revanced

The ReVanced developer team just deployed the manager app. You can compile Youtube premium with a few clicks.

  1. Download & install Revanced manager APK from Github (revanced-manager-v0.0.57.apk)
  2. Uninstall YouTube or disable YouTube app. (Hold the app icon > App info > Disable/Uninstall)
  3. Download YouTube APK v18.15.40 from above.
  4. Transfer the YouTube APK to phone storage
  5. Launch the Revanced Manager app
  6. Go to the “Patcher” tab
  7. Select application
  8. Go to storage and select the “YouTube 18.15.40 APK” from storage
  9. Go back to “Patcher” tab and “Select patches”
  10. Select patches you want to implement
  11. Hit “Patch”
  12. Hit “Install”
  13. Hit “Done”
  14. Launch YouTube and enjoy it without ads

Download latest microG

microG is a very important app if you want to log in to YouTube. This is a free and open-source (FOSS) alternative to Google Play Services; which is required for Google sign-in.

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