Donwload Nothing Phone 2 ChatGPT with Nothing OS 2.5.5 firmware update

ChatGPT has officially been integrated into the Nothing Phones. The Nothing Phone 2 is the first to receive AI chatbot integrated right into the system with the latest software update, Nothing OS 2.5.5.

The firm also introduced a new gesture option in Nothing X, enabling users to initiate voice conversations with ChatGPT for Nothing Ear & Nothing Ear (a). The popular chatbot can also be launched into different modes from your home screen using Widgets. You can even paste screenshots from the clipboard pop-up directly, into the conversation in ChatGPT, with a dedicated button. For these features to work, you will need to download the latest ChatGPT version installed from the Play Store.

Earlier this year, Google released Gemini, a ChatGPT competitor, which can even replace the Google Assistant on your Android device. Seeing the popularity of growing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in smartphones, Nothing incorporated ChatGPT into their Phone 2 with the latest Nothing OS 2.5.5 firmware update.

As for the rest of the update, NOS 2.5.5 for Phone 2 brings enhanced camera features like Ultra XDR support in the Nothing camera app. Access it using Camera settings > Ultra XDR. Additionally, users now have more control over HDR settings in Photo and Portrait Modes.

Finally, Nothing added RAM Booster feature, could be virtual RAM. Head over to Settings > System > RAM Booster.

The update also brings tons of optimization and bug fixes like enhancements to system stability, NFC functionality, and Wi-Fi connection stability. Moreover, optimizations in animations and volume settings contribute to a fluid and intuitive user interface.

Nothing OS 2.5.5 Full Changelog

This update transitions you to Nothing OS 2.5, powered by Android 14 – our most significant update since the launch of OS 2.0.

Full of exciting new features and improvements to enhance your everyday experience. Here’s what’s in store:

  • ChatGPT Integration
    • New features are available with the latest ChatGPT version installed from the Play Store.
    • 💬 Added a new gesture option in Nothing X to start a voice conversation with ChatGPT for Nothing Ear & Nothing Ear (a). Coming soon to our other audio products.
    • 🤖 Added new ChatGPT widgets to launch ChatGPT in different modes from your home screen for quicker access.
    • 📋 Added a button on the screenshot and clipboard pop-up to directly paste the content to a new conversation in ChatGPT.
  • More features
    • 📸 Camera now supports Ultra XDR. To set, head to Camera settings > Ultra XDR.
    • 🌅 Within the camera app, Photo and Portrait Modes now feature an HDR switch. Activate or deactivate via the settings at the top.
    • 🚀 Added RAM Booster feature. To set, head to Settings > System > RAM Booster.
    • 🔔 Added a Ring Mode option in Quick Settings for easier sound management.
    • 🎙️ Added a new Recorder widget for effortless audio recording on-the-go.
    • 🔋 Introduced a new Battery widget to monitor power usage more efficiently.
    • 🔧 Added Glyph Interface Debug Mode to developer options.
  • Improvements and Bug Fixes
    • 📶 Enhanced system stability, NFC functionality, and Wi-Fi connection stability.
    • 🛠️ Optimized animations for smoother widget and app openings.
    • ⚙️ Improved response speed when setting Bluetooth in Quick Settings.
    • 🔊 Optimized volume settings to make interactions more intuitive.
    • 🎵 Improved clarity of album cover display in the Music Player widget.
    • 🔧 Fixed experience issues when switching SIM cards with the Data during call feature enabled.
    • 🔒 Resolved flickering when launching apps from Quick Settings on the lock screen.
    • 🌙 Resolved flickering issues on the AOD interface.
    • 🔧 Addressed the disappearance of lock screen widgets after ending screen share in certain scenarios.
    • 🖼️ Addressed abnormal lock screen wallpaper display when swiping-to-unlock is interrupted.
    • ⌚ Fixed a widget display issue which showed Bluetooth as being off when a watch was connected.
    • 🔄 Resolved frequent refreshing and flickering when setting Wi-Fi in the Quick Settings widget.
    • 👾 Other bug fixes and performance enhancements.
  • Update size: 200 MB

Download Nothing OS 2.5.5 for Phone 2

Here is the full stock firmware or full OTA update zip for Nothing OS 2.5.5 for Nothing Phone 2.

How to Install Nothing OS full OTA update zip for Nothing Phone?

  • Go to “Settings > About phone > Software info” to confirm that your system has been updated to the latest version (Nothing OS 2.0). If not, please go to “Settings > System > System update” to check for updates.
  • Download the latest software update package.
  • Create a folder named “ota” (without the quotes) at the root of the internal storage. Meaning outside every folder.
  • Copy the OTA update ZIP file from above to that folder.
  • Open the phone app and Dial *#*#682#*#*
How to Install Nothing OS 2.5 full OTA update zip for Nothing Phone screenshot 1
  • The local update tool should launch.
  • In the drop-down list that appears, select the upgrade package you just copied.
  • Tap the “Directly apply OTA from selection” button to start updating.
  • Reboot your device after the upgrade process is complete.
  • A pop-up will appear asking if you would like to reboot your device. We strongly recommend selecting “Confirm” here, as upgrades require a reboot to enter the new version.
  • Upgrade successful

Note: If the dialer doesn’t work in your region,

You can also use the Activity Launcher app or QuickShortcutMaker to locate and execute the “OfflineOTAUpgrade” tool.


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