How to Enable Google Gemini as default Assistant on any Android in any country without VPN

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Google Gemini

Bard just rebranded to Google Gemini, Google’s cutting-edge family of AI models. Gemini Pro AI model is Google’s answer to Open AI’s ChatGPT. The search giant is also replacing Google Assistant with Gemini which is a much more advanced AI assistant on every Android device.

You can easily replace ChatGPT with Gemini as it covers over 40 languages and supports in more than 230 countries and territories across the globe. However, Google being notorious in restricting new apps to the United States, Gemini is no different.

However, we have figured how to enable Gemini Assistant AI by default and replace the obsolete Google Assistant. So when you press the home button for a long time, it will automatically launch Google Gemini.

Gemini Advanced unlocks Ultra 1.0, Google’s most capable AI model. It excels in understanding complex tasks including coding, reasoning, and creative collaboration.

Moreover, Gemini can connect to all your Google apps and services like Gmail, Google Docs, etc. to help you in productivity.

Most importantly, Gemini can now generate images with Google’s new Imagen 2 model.

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Some of the upcoming features of Gemini include:

  • Generating Code
  • Code debugging
  • Explaining code
  • Knows more than 20 programming languages
  • Google Lens
  • Google Maps integration
  • Google Docs integration
  • Export to Gmail
  • Upload images
  • Export to Google Sheets
  • Adobe Firefly to generate images from text

On Android, Gemini is a new kind of assistant that uses generative AI to collaborate with you and help you get things done.

Google Gemini Assistant

On the Gemini app, you can now opt into Google Assistant. With Gemini, you get quick access and helpful hints right on your screen. Whether you need a caption for a photo or info about an article, Gemini can help. You also get lots of handy Google Assistant features in the Gemini app, like setting timers and controlling smart home devices, with more to come.

For iOS users, Gemini is coming soon. You’ll find it right in the Google app. Just turn on Gemini and start getting creative. Make custom images, write social media posts, or plan a great date night, all in the Google app.

Gemini is launching on Android and iOS phones in the U.S. in English starting today. Soon, it will be available everywhere. Next week, it’ll be in more places in English, Japanese, and Korean, with more languages and countries coming soon.

How to replace Google Assistant with Gemini on any Android outside United States

  • Download Google Gemini APK from here.
  • Go to Settings
  • Google
  • Settings for Google apps
  • Search for Assistant & Voice
  • From there, go to Google Assistant > Language
  • Select the current language and change it to the United States English
  • Launch the Gemini app.
  • This will automatically set the Gemini AI as default Google Assistant.

Long press the home button and you will be greeted with a new assistant based on Google Gemini.

How to change Assistant on Android, OR Revert back to Google Assistant

If you don’t like the new Gemini Assistant, here is where you can find the location to switch assistant on your phone.

  • Launch the Google app
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Google Assistant
  • Digital Assistants from Google
  • Now select Google Assistant

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