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Following the 6th anniversary of PUBG Mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile India is also being updated with similar content. The first thing you will notice is the addition of new Nimbus Island map, where they’ll encounter dynamic weather conditions and discover a trove of themed items, including chimes, javelins, and festive cakes. Here, download Battlegrounds Mobile India 3.1.0 APK + OBB and checkout the complete patch notes.

According to the patch notes from PUBG 3.1, this will be the biggest update this year and a drift towards new content, gameplay enhancements, and entertainment. Players can enjoy the new map called Nimubs with two islands, Sky Isle (Day) and Sky Isle (Night). It also brings a major upgrade to the Miramar maps, similar to the Erangel map that got a refresh a few updates ago.

Scheduled to roll out later in March 2024, this update promises new gameplay modes to improved weapon mechanics. It also starts a new Season Cycle.

Key Highlights

  1. Theme Mode – Skyhigh Spectacle:
    • Dive into the enchanting realm of “One Thousand and One Nights” with our latest theme mode, Skyhigh Spectacle. Set your sights on summoning the magic lamp as you navigate through a whimsical landscape filled with challenges and surprises. Whether it’s conquering the Sky Castle or engaging in treasure hunts, there’s never a dull moment in this magical world.
  2. Sky Castle: Choose between day and night versions, each offering unique challenges and rewards. Whether you obtain the castle’s spirit through skill or luck, there’s plenty to explore within its mystical walls.
  3. Dance Grenade: Unleash the power of the Dance Grenade to compel opponents to dance or master the art of teleportation with the Teleportal.
  4. Magic Carpet: Take to the skies on a whimsical journey with the Magic Carpet, featuring unique traits and abilities for both ground and high-altitude flight.
  5. Sindbad’s Treasure Ship: Embark on a seafaring adventure aboard Sindbad’s Treasure Ship, navigating the seas of Erangel, adding more play styles to your game.
  6. Divine Power Throwing: Harness the power of the lamp genie to unleash devastating attacks and seize victory on the battlefield.
  7. Introducing RPA 5 – Radiant Bloom:
    • Gear up for double the rewards and exclusive RP rewards with our latest Royal Pass A5, Radiant Bloom. Stand out from the crowd and flaunt your rewards with ultimate flex in front of your friends. Don’t Be Default – embrace the extraordinary with RPA 5.
  8. New Season C6S17:
    • Prepare to climb the ranks in the new season, C6S17. With fresh challenges and opportunities awaiting, now’s your chance to make your mark and claim your spot at the top of the leaderboards.
  9. Bentley Collaboration:
    • Experience speed like never before with the addition of the furiously fast Bentley to BGMI’s vehicle lineup. Dominate the battlefield in style with this iconic luxury car at your disposal.
  10. Introducing WOW Mode:
    • Get ready for non-stop fun with the much-anticipated WOW Mode. Chill like never before with a variety of super fun maps, including Dinosaur vs Motorbikes, Trap Park, and Hide & Seek. Embrace the excitement and let the adventure begin!

PUBG Mobile 3.1 Update Patch Notes

The BGMI update will be similar to PUBG Mobile version 3.1 update. It introduces several notable additions and improvements, aiming to enhance gameplay, graphics, and overall user experience. Here are some of the highlights:

Miramar Mega Updates

Miramar receives significant enhancements with the addition of new urban areas, gas stations, and gameplay mechanics. Players can now experience cross-sea ziplines and special sandstorm mechanics for more intense combat encounters.

New Themed Mode: Skyhigh Spectacle

The Skyhigh Spectacle mode introduces Nimbus Island, a dynamic location with two distinct islands, each offering unique gameplay opportunities. Players can explore Sky Isle (Day) for intense firefights or opt for stealthy engagements on Sky Isle (Night).

New Vehicles and Throwable Items

Get ready to soar through the skies with the introduction of the Flying Carpet vehicle, adding a new dimension to aerial combat. Additionally, new throwable items like the Grooving Grenade and Portal Staff provide players with innovative ways to outmaneuver their opponents.

Metro Royale and Firearm Adjustments

Metro Royale receives updates to matchmaking and gameplay mechanics, along with adjustments to firearm attachments and collectibles. Enhanced silencers and machine gun damage aim to provide a more balanced and engaging combat experience.

General Updates and Improvements

From animation enhancements to system improvements, Version 3.1 brings a host of general updates to enhance gameplay quality and user experience. Players can expect improvements in firearm animations, character interactions, and matchmaking systems.

Here, download BGMI 3.0.0 APK and OBB files. This is the full installation zip file. Extract the zip to get the APK and OBB files. Install APK and then move the OBB file to Android > OBB > com.pubg.imobile folder. Installation instructions below.


Here are the APK only files. You may need the OBB files if the game doesn’t launch. See below.

FULL APK + OBB Downloads

Download the APK and OBB below separately and see how to install them below.

Note: This is the full installation file with OBB. Extract the zip to get the APK. Install APK and then move the.OBB file to Android > OBB > com.tencent.ig folder.

Download instructions: While you can still download BGMI Mobile game safely from the Play Store listing directly from Google servers globally including North America, Europe, and the rest of Asia, the listing may not show for Indian users. You may need a VPN to download via direct link. So you can download the APK from below and OBB for offline downloads.

How to Install APK + OBB?

  • First, install the BGMI APK.
  • Launch BGMI.
  • It should start downloading OBB files automatically.
  • It should create a proper OBB folder.
  • If not, download the OBB file, and rename .xapk to .zip.
  • Extract to get folder with APK and OBB files named
  • Paste the OBB file under Android > OBB > com.pubg.imobile folder. Then launch the BGMI app again.

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