Good Lock Theme Park new update

New version of Samsung Theme Park APK is now available for download with huge upgrades and bug fixes. This includes faster theme creation & application speed. Ability to edit & overwrite themes. Automatically reflect new icons for newly installed apps based on current icon pack being used.

Not so long ago, we created posts about the best free Samsung themes and icon packs for your Galaxy devices. While themes are a great way to customize Samsung phones, the OEM later also released some stunning customization and optimization tools like Good Lock to make the most out of your phones. You can also add in your favorite font for your Samsung device.

Samsung Good Lock’s new Theme Park module can create a custom themes using this app right from your phone.

With the latest version, Samsung has revamped the theme application method, ditching the older APK installation process in favor of a more streamlined “theme application method” based on your device’s theme app. This translates to faster theme creation and application, along with the ability to edit and overwrite existing themes.

1. Enhanced Theme Creation and Application Speed

  • The transition to the theme application method (Color
  • palette) translates into faster theme creation and application speed, optimizing user workflow.
  • Users can now edit and overwrite themes with ease, fostering a seamless customization experience.

2. Dynamic Icon Reflection

  • The update introduces automatic reflection of new icons for newly installed apps based on the current icon pack, ensuring visual consistency across the interface.
  • This feature eliminates the need for manual adjustments, simplifying the customization process.

However, due to changes in the theme application method, some features are no longer available:

  • Theme Park > More >
    • Remove ‘App’s theme settings’
    • Remove ‘Color palette change’
  • Theme Park > Theme > ‘Keyboard’ (or Theme Park > ‘Keyboard’) > ‘Keycap Style’ deleted
  • Theme Park > Theme > ‘Home Screen’ > Folder Shape Change deleted
  • Please make sure to install the latest version of both QuickStar and Keys Cafe that work together with Theme Park as well.

3. Feature Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • With support for ONE UI 6 and subsequent versions, Samsung Theme Park stays aligned with the latest software updates, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.
  • UI improvements address previous coloring issues, delivering a refined visual experience.
  • Additional bug fixes and usability improvements enhance overall stability and user satisfaction.

Samsung Theme Park also ads diverse array of enhancements:

  • Expanded color palette customization options empower users to tailor their themes to precise specifications.
  • Improved icon editing functionality, including size and color adjustments.
  • Support for changing individual app icons and selecting wallpapers offers unparalleled flexibility in personalization.

Download Theme Park APK from Samsung

The Theme Park app is available officially on the Galaxy Store in select regions only. We have also listed the direct APK download links below in case the app doesn’t show up on the Galaxy Store for you.

Note: For the Google drive link, download to PC and then transfer to phone storage to install it. Or simply use the mirror link. Here is the direct download link.

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