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Google’s brand new LLM called Gemini can now replace Google Assistant on your Android device. The app has ben updated with Add this screen option which can be launched as an overlay on any scren on your phone. It can help summarize articles, create replies to messages, and much more.

Once you update Gemini and launch by holding onto the home button, you will notice a “Add this screen” icon. Simply tap it and it will capture what’s on-screen. You can then ask it anything.

Google Gemini Add This Screen Option

Gemini can also not open in a popup window without launching the app. The new LLM is getting closer to replacing Google Assistant as a more advanced AI assistant on every Android device.

You can easily replace ChatGPT with Gemini as it covers over 40 languages and supports in more than 230 countries and territories across the globe. However, Google being notorious in restricting new apps to the United States, Gemini is no different.

However, we have figured how to enable Gemini Assistant AI by default and replace the obsolete Google Assistant. So when you press the home button or swipe from the bottom left corner of the screen when using gesture navigation, it will automatically launch Google Gemini.

Some upcoming features of Gemini include:

  • Generating Code
  • Code debugging
  • Explaining code
  • Knows more than 20 programming languages
  • Google Lens
  • Google Maps integration
  • Google Docs integration
  • Export to Gmail
  • Upload images
  • Export to Google Sheets
  • Adobe Firefly to generate images from text

On Android, Gemini is a new kind of assistant that uses generative AI to collaborate with you and help you get things done.

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