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play free rummy game online

You have been playing the rummy card game with family and friends for entertainment. Now this popular rummy card game is available online and to play the game you only have to download an app on your mobile phone or play it on the web. You can register and start playing. The app is available for free.

The different games offered are Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and the Indian Pool Rummy. In the Points Rummy the players play for points using a pre-decided value for the cards. In Indian Pool Rummy the players have to pay a fixed entry fee that goes to the prize pool of the game. In Deals Rummy the players play for chips for a pre-decided number of deals. The winner gets all the chips. You can begin to play the game online through the practice games offered. Once you learn the skills you can easily play online Rummy. 

play free rummy game online

Playing rummy card games online is legal as the Indian courts have declared it a skill-based game. You can play a free rummy game online anytime and anywhere. You can master the techniques and rules by playing the practice games and then start playing the game online. You can even participate in rummy tournaments.

How to play the Points Rummy game?

This game is played by mixing two packs of cards and including two joker cards per pack. This card game can be played by 2 – 6 players at a time. Each player is given 13 cards which they have to sort into sequences and sets. 

A sequence consists of a minimum of 3 cards of the same suit in ascending or descending order. This is called a pure sequence. A set consists of a minimum of three cards of the same value but different suits. This is called a pure set.

From the remaining cards a card is chosen as the rummy wild card and the remaining cards form the closed deck. Players can use this wild card to form sequences and sets. Such a sequence is called an impure sequence and such a set is called an impure set. The printed joker card can also be used as a wild card.

The players have to sort out all the 13 cards into sequences and sets. According to the rummy rule the players have to make two sequences in the game and out of which one of them has to be a pure sequence. The rummy game ends when any of the players declare their game.

How does the rummy game proceed?

The first player picks up a card from the closed deck and sees if it is useful to him to form a sequence or set. The player then has to discard an unwanted card. This card is placed face up and is called a part of the open deck. The second player can pick up a card from the open deck if it is useful or from the closed deck. He has to discard an unwanted card. 

This process goes on with each player taking their turn. If during the game the closed deck of cards runs out then the cards from the open deck are used to make the closed deck. If any of the players have sorted out all the 13 cards into sequences or sets then that player can declare the game. The player has to show his cards and the pairing is checked. If it is right then the game ends and the other players have to count the points of the unsorted cards. The winner wins with these many points.

If the player declares the game and has invalid pairing then the opponent wins the game. So you should check that all your cards are sorted correctly before declaring.

How are the points calculated?

The face cards and the Aces have 10 points each and the number cards have points depending on their number value. The points for the cards are decided before the game begins.


Rummy is a popular card game which is played for fun and entertainment. Now you play this game online easily as it is available to you all the time on your device. To play online you can find players online to play the game and also you can select the type of game you want to play. All this is easily done through the app.

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