Just like digitalization has eased our lives, digital security solutions have prevented hackers and intruders from entering our networks. But these security solutions like Antivirus software, firewalls, SSL certificates, etc. sometimes misfunction and create error displays. 

  • About SSL Certificates:

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates are digital security certificates that secure the web with encryption (i.e., it converts plain data into a coded form). 

When browser-server communications are exchanged they are always in plain text, which can easily be misused by hackers. But, the presence of an SSL certificate, helps in creating an encrypted tunnel wherein these messages are communicated in a coded language. So, even if hackers can access the data, they can’t read it without the appropriate (decryption) key.

These certificates ensure data integrity, data confidentiality, and site authenticity.

But these certificates at times become culprits and cause errors that can be frustrating for users.

  • About SSL Connection Errors:

When a user is accessing a website from an Android device and they face an error stating “Your Connection is not Private”, they get confused. Though this error display is very common, it can be irritating if the user faces this error daily. 


Generally, refreshing the page can clear this error, but sometimes, it may reappear and the user may be unable to resolve the same even by Googling for solutions and implementing them.

This article is all about why SSL connection error occurs and how it can be fixed. It’s vital for users to smoothly access websites from their Android devices also and hence it’s important to know what causes this error.

  • What Causes SSL Connection Errors?

SSL Connection errors are caused either due to server-side issues or due to Android device issues. 

To check the root of the problem, try opening another SSL-secured site from your device. If the same is accessible, then it is a server problem or a website issue that can not be resolved from your end. 

No changes in the device will help fix the error. 

But, if other SSL-secured sites are not accessible from your device, then certain changes need to be carried out on your Android device for fixing the error. 

  • How to Fix SSL Connection Errors on Android Phones?

If all the SSL-secured sites are not accessible from your Android device, and an SSL Connection error is displayed, follow the below-stated solutions and resolve the error.

  1. Check the Date and Time on your Device:

This is a common cause of SSL-related errors. An incorrect date and time on your device may trigger this error, i.e., if the date and time on your device differ from the browser’s date and time, it’s bound to display the above-stated SSL certificate error. 

The ideal solution is to set the date and time to automatic mode. This will help eliminate the error. 

Go to Settings < Select Date and Time < Enable the option “Automatic Date and Time”

image 3
  1. Clear Chrome Browsing Data:

Old and outdated browsing data can trigger the SSL connection error on Android phones. Delete the Chrome browsing data by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open Google Chrome < Go to Menu < Settings < Privacy.
  • Go to “Clear Browsing Data”. Tick all the boxes and later select “Clear Data”.
image 2
  • All the old browsing data will be deleted.
  • Check if the error is resolved or not.
  1. Reset Network Settings:

Your network settings may be the culprit, causing this SSL connection error. Reset the network settings and erase the error. 

Go to the Settings menu > Network Settings > Reset Settings for fixing the error.

Restart your device and check if the error is eliminated or not.

  1. Check your Internet Connection:

Your internet connection (Wi-Fi) may be at fault and cause an error display.

The best solution to know if the Wi-Fi is at fault or not is to use mobile data to load your desired website. If the site is accessible, then there is an issue with your Wi-Fi network. 

image 5

If you are using public Wi-Fi, it’s risky since it’s unsecured. Switch over to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and see if the error is resolved or not.

  1. Disable Anti-virus/Firewall:

These digital security solutions block suspicious sites and prevent intruders from entering your networks. But sometimes genuine sites are too blocked by them and this may trigger the SSL error. 

Try to disable the anti-virus software and firewall temporarily and open your desired site. If the same is accessible, enable these security solutions again to prevent hackers from entering your digital world.

  1. Update Chrome:

An outdated browser can trigger varied errors, so it’s wise to ensure that Chrome is updated at all times for smooth navigation. Click on three dots on the right upper side of a browser and go to Help>>About Google Chrome. Here, you can update the latest version if available.

  1. Reset to Factory Data:

This is the last resort to fix the SSL connection error. If none of the above solutions are helpful, then resetting your device may fix the error.

Factory Data Reset will wipe off all your device data, and hence take a full backup of your Android data before implementing this solution.

In your Android device, Go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Click Factory Data Reset.  Later click “Reset phone”.

image 6

Wrapping Up:

Sites need to have an SSL certificate since its encryption technology is effective in keeping hackers away, but the proper configuration of SSL certificates on the website is equally important. The best way to prevent these SSL errors is to ensure the proper configuration of this digital security on the server. 

An SSL certificate bought from a trustworthy Certificate Authority will function effectively on all servers and will not cause any issues.

It’s the responsibility of the site owner to ensure its proper configuration so that users can access their website without any hassles. 

On the other hand, if the device is at fault, implement the above-stated solutions to ensure smooth navigation and enhanced site visibility.

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