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Every week a new major company is introducing their Large language models (LLM) models, following a threat from Open AI’s ChatGPT that took the world by storm. While ChatGPT has matured in the past year or so with GTP-4.5 Turbo coming around, all major companies have now released their AI models.

Google with their Gemini Pro, Claude, and even Apple, Meta and Microsoft stepping in with their OpenELM, Lllama and Phi-3 models; PHi-3 comes under small language models (SLMs) which is more capable and cost-effective.

Apple and Meta took the matter one step further by making OpenELM and Llama open source! Which means, fewer dependency on a company’s proprietary API and full control over your custom AI chatbots.

While you can now replace Google’s Assistant with their brand-new LLM called Gemini, there’s a new competitor in town called Poe.

Poe makes it quite simple by aggregating all the known AI models into a chatbot of their own. While Poe has its own Chatbot, you can select from hundreds and thousands of AI models you might not have even heard of.

It functions as a central hub, granting you access to a diverse range of chatbots, each with its own unique strengths. From instant answers to your burning questions or a creative partner to generate stunning images.

You will find a chatbot for every instance including Llama, PythonAIChat, Stable Diffusion, Text-To-Img, Gemini Pro, ChatGPT, you name it and you will find it.

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Have Poe app installed on your iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows device and you can chat anytime. It also keeps the history to continue where you left off.

The best part is, you can input an image, video, file, doc, or any type of file to analyze and start from there. You can also involve another chatbot and continue with it.

However, you are given a number of tokens that renew every day. But they are sufficient for everyday use. For a more advanced and complex queries, you may need to subscribe.

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