DroidKit by iMobie – Recover Data, Fix System Issues, and Bypass FRP Lock on Android All In One Place

Looking for a solution to recover data on your smartphone? There are numerous software or programs available out there that claim to recover your phone data. However, there is no other software like DroidKit that recovers data in just a couple of clicks.

There could be many instances where you desperately need to recover your phone’s data. Maybe you accidently delete a file, but your phone doesn’t have a recycle bin feature like Windows and you think it has gone forever. Or you delete a video or photos from gallery because your phone storage space is running out.

Well, there’s great news! Fortunately, the data stays on the disk unless you replace it with new one or outright erase it. Even then there’s still some chance that you could completely recover your lost data. This is where data recovery tools come into play.

I have used many tools to recover lost data on my Android device. In my opinion, there is none other like DroidKit by iMobie. It is by far the best tool that helps to recover data; alongside provide you with a bunch of additional features like unlock the lock screen by removing all types of patterns, PINs, fingerprints, face IDs, etc. Making it an all in one safety solution for Android.

DroidKit – World’s First Complete Android Solution

DroidKit by iMobie - A Complete Solution For Android Devices

Let’s take a deep dive into why we recommend DroidKit for data recovery on Android. First off, there are numerous useful features that DroidKit provides. From recovering lost data to bypassing FRP lock. This tool provides a complete Android phone solution.

Being an Android user myself and surrounded by family and friends who use Android as well, I come across a few requests from time to time. One of the most sought after request is accidental deletion of files like photos and videos from storage or gallery. DroidKit came as a very handy tool to recover to make the process very simple.

While you could go through the trouble of launching PowerShell on Windows and firing a bunch of codes to find lost data. OR you could just use DroidKit.

Features of DroidKit

Recover Lost Data

Lets talk about the first key feature of this tool. It recovers any kind of lost data(including photos, messages, contacts, call logs, etc) from Android. This feature is available for all Android devices. In addition to Android Data Recovery, you can also recover your SD card and WhatsApp data including chats.

It can recover 13 types of essential data from your Android device or SD card. There are two main recovery modes: Quick Recovery and Deep Recovery. 

With the Deep recovery mode, users can root their devices and restore data like a Pro. If they don’t want to root, they can proceed with Quick Recovery mode. Also, users are presented with a preview of what to choose before you recover.

Extract Needed Data

In addition to the phone storage, you can also retrieve your data from Google backup, crashed phone (currently only Samsung), and SIM card without root.

This is one of the best advantage of using DroidKit. You don’t require root access to perform this action.

Unlock Lock Screen

If you have forgotten your mobile’s passcode, you still need not worry. DroidKit will help you by removing all types of screen locks.

Now it doesn’t matter whether it’s PIN, password, pattern, fingerprint, or even Face ID. This feature is available for almost every Android device. Also, no root required for this.

Fix System Issues

As of now, this feature is available for only Samsung devices. With this feature, you can fix all system issues by yourself. It doesn’t require any technical skills to do so.

You can fix system errors such as Error reports, stuck in a boot loop, etc.

Fix freezing issues in Android devices such as “not responding” or stuck in a certain mode.

If your device is showing a blank screen, not charging, etc, it can also fix this with a high success rate.

Apart from all this, it can also fix serious system issues including system crashes, blank screens, white screens, viruses, etc.

Bypass FRP Lock

FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection. It is activated when you do a factory reset to your Samsung smartphone. When FRP is activated, it blocks the access to use the device unless and until you login with the same Google username and password you previously used on it.

In Samsung devices, we see an FRP lock after resetting it. If you are facing this problem too, then DroidKit will definitely help you. It supports all types of  Samsung devices and guarantees the highest success rate.

Reinstall/Upgrade OS

This is an exclusive feature provided by DroidKit by iMobie. It can match a secure official ROM for your device automatically.

Reinstalling/Upgrading OS will help you to fix system stuck issues, abnormal crashes, and serious system issues.

Clean System Junk

It is a one-click feature that cleans all common system junk. You might have seen this feature in many android devices. But most of time, it results in losing all the data you have.

However, in DroidKit, you can choose what to clear to free up space and speed up your device.

Why choose DroidKit?

  1. To use DroidKit, you don’t require any technical skills.
  2. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS.
  3. Easy to install. Just download DroidKit and run it.
  4. Best support system. If you face any kind of issues, just give them feedback and they will get back to you with a solution.
  5. DroidKit offers six more features along with data recovery.


As already stated earlier there are plenty of data recovery software out there. DroidKit gives you much more than just data recovery.

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