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Samsung released a major Good Lock 2021 upgrade earlier this year to support the OEM’s One UI 3.0 firmware based on Android 11. It also brings support for the newer One 3.1 update featured in the latest Galaxy S21. Today, Good Lock APK updated to v2.1 alongside a majority of its plugins. Samsung updated the container app itself called Good Lock APK to v2.1 featuring a new GUI and support for several plugins like Home Up, Theme Park, Notistar, and much more.

Good Lock v2.1 APK is here for download with new user interface, dark theme, and updated Good Lock 2021 plugins such as Task Changer with more layouts. The most awaited Home Up update is also here. Theme Park also brings theming support for several parts if the firmware. APK download below.

Good Lock (2021.04.23)

  • Sorting the order by app installation status
  • Ready for new app (Routine +)
  • Modified GUI issues

Samsung Routine + 1.0.25

● Added conditions
– Unlock with fingerprint, Air action(Using S Pen), Button action
● Added actions
– Read text aloud, Arrow key, Touch macro
● Share (Share via QR code, Export routines, Import saved routines)
* Only available to Routines + users.

Theme Park

  • Add customization UI for the chat bubble BG in Message app
  • Theme list and theme creation screen will be in dark mode; when the device is set to dark mode.
  • Fixed a keycap shape error on Keys Cafe
  • Fixed minor bugs and improve internal logic

NotiStar v3.1.30.0

  • 1. Show the alert message when the lock screen hide content setting is turned on.
  • 2. Fix Database searching issue with special characters. (Search might not work properly if some special characters are included in the filter.)
  • 3. Fixed other minor bugs.

Home Up v2.0.01.19 (2021.04.23)

  • Add two kinds of layout (Vertical List / Slim List)
  • Support Mini mode (only for List / Grid / Stack list type)
  • Add Circular list mode (only for Vertical List / Slim List)
  • Provide quick launch of split screen on recent app
  • Fixed ‘Task Changer FC’ by handling unavailable types


  • Update GIF Image resource
  • Update angle correction logic when editing customized item

Notes for Clockface plugin:

  • Please update Always On Display ( if your device supports One UI 3 (Android 11) ( Settings > Lock screen > Always On Display > About Always On Display -> update )
Good Lock 2021 update april 2021

Checkout all the changes in the latest Good Lock 2021 update

YouTube video

Download latest Good Lock v2.1 APK and all of its plugins/modules

Good Lock 2021 update is now live. You can either download Good Lock 2021 from the Samsung Galaxy Store using the official links below, or download the APK files separately from below.


Good Lock app may be area restricted, you may see blank when you open it. If this happens, use the Good Lock 2018 installation tutorial from below.

Good Lock Galaxy Store links

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