Android 10 for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ and Note 9 snapdragon USA variants

The Exynos (global) variants of the Note 9 have started receiving the stable Android 10 update. Besides, the S10 series and Note 10 series are already running the Android 10 stable firmware for both – the Exynos variants globally and the Snapdragon variants in the USA. Soon the global S9 and S9 Plus will receive the same and the Beta 4 may very well be the last one. However, the Snapdragon variants need further testing. So if you are in the United States and have a carrier unlocked Galaxy S9/S9+ or Note 9 device, then you will get a new Beta 3 OTA update. All you need to do is register for the One UI 2 beta program on your device via Samsung Members app.

Yes, the Snapdragon Galaxy S9/S9+ and Note 9 devices are now receiving the third One UI 2.0 beta update in the USA. This is for the Unlocked variants only. The carrier variants may directly receive the stable build due to carrier restrictions. The new Android 10 beta 3 features new build numbers G965U1UEU7ZTA1 for the Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965U1), G960U1UEU7ZTA1 for the Galaxy S9 (SM-G960U1), and N960U1UEU3ZSLF for the unlocked Note 9 (SM-N960U1).

Moreover, the update comes in a small package of ~227 MB in size. It brings the latest January 2020 security patch level. The highlight of the update is the new camera app. It fixed the front camera HDR capture failure after Stride Alignment Changes. Plus, some users have also reported that the DeX for PC now works on the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 on Android 10.

The carrier locked variants like T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon may directly receive the stable Android 10 update. Or you could simply convert your locked variant to unlocked one and get the OTA yourself. So any unlocked variants from any of the carriers can update their S9 and Note 9 to Android 10 beta.

What’s new with Android 10 beta 3 for Snapdragon S9 ZTA1 and Note 9 ZSLF:

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Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the front camera HDR capture failure after Stride Alignment Changes.

Updated: For the Note 9, the build is still ZSLF with January 2020 security patch level. It comes with the same changelog though. Here is a screenshot:

Snapdragon Galaxy Note 9 Android 10 beta 3 OTA update downloading

Download OneUI 2.0 beta 3 for Galaxy S9, S9+, and Note 9

Updated: The beta 3 OTA download link for the Snapdragon Galaxy S9 Plus is now finally available. Credits: Cody Lopez in the comments.

As the update is fresh out of the oven, OTA download links for the latest Android 10 beta 3 for the Snapdragon Galaxy S9 and S9+ and Note 9 will be available soon. So stay tuned! Plus, Samsung Members already has the Android 10 (One UI 2.0) beta 3 registration open for the Snapdragon S9 and Note 9 variants in the Unites States (USA). See how to sign up here.

Previous Downloads:

Beta 3 Downloads:

Mirror download links:

Note: For the beta 3, your device needs to be on the beta 2 first. Use the SD card method to install OTA on Snapdragon variants. Also, stay tuned for the regular S9 and Note 9 OTA capture.

The easiest way to update Galaxy device to Android 10 is using the Samsung Members app. However, for the users not selected for the beta program can download the OTA update zip and manually sideload it via stock recovery or ADB sideload method.

We already have the Android 10 beta 4 OTA update for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Download it from our previous tutorial – How to update Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ to Android 10 One UI 2.0 beta [OTA downloads].

Alternatively, here is a tutorial specific to Snapdragon variants Download Android 10 Beta 6 for Unlocked Snapdragon Galaxy S10+ variants in USA [One UI 2.0].

You may also need to know how to restore Samsung Galaxy devices back to stock Android 9 Pie. Thanks to u/1990sevan and u/SpyderKnightz for the screenshots.

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  1. Cody Lopez Avatar
    Cody Lopez

    Your download link for s9+ beta 3, is actually for the S9.. I just downloaded it and tried to update my 9+ unlocked USA version.. failed, said it was for sm-g960u1

    1. Eric H Avatar
      Eric H

      Same… I thought it said N960 when I tried it…?
      Downloaded ZTA1 (which should be the 9+ beta 3) and it’s a dec16 build.

      1. AndroidSage Avatar

        Sorry. The links have been corrected.

    2. AndroidSage Avatar

      Sorry for that. We will post the S9+ links soon. Thanks for the info.

  2. Eric H Avatar
    Eric H

    Hammouda doesn’t have the current links to the beta 3’s…its all beta 2 firmwar

  3. Eric H Avatar
    Eric H

    And there is no such thing as ZSLF build on FOTA that I can see for U1 S9+
    Is this all an evil hoax?? Lol

    1. AndroidSage Avatar

      Sorry for that. The ZTA1 is the 2020 build for the S9 series. The confusion started with the Snapdragon Note 9 beta 3 update; which still has the ZSLF build with January 2020 patch level. Plus, Exynos variants received the Beta 5 at the same time; adding to the confusion. It was a hot mess! But the links are correct. However there is still no S9+ beta 3 link as of yet. Will have to wait. Sadly.

  4. Eric H Avatar
    Eric H

    Still no S9+ link….? Nobody seems to have beta 3

    1. Cody Lopez Avatar
      Cody Lopez

      I’ve been searching everywhere, no luck either. 🙁

  5. Emmanuel Devine Avatar
    Emmanuel Devine

    Still no beta 3

  6. Rick Avatar

    still no link for the s9+?

    1. Eric H Avatar
      Eric H


    2. AndroidSage Avatar

      Thanks for the link!

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