Download stable Android 10 for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 based on One UI 2.0 build DSLB

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download android 10 for samsung galaxy note 9

Following the Galaxy S10 series and the Note 10 series, it is time for the older generation smartphones to receive the stable Android 10 update. Samsung’s first stable One UI 2.0 OTA update based on Android 10 is live for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This new update comes to the Exynos (global) variants for users registered for the beta program. The Snapdragon variants like the carrier locked or unlocked ones in the United States will soon receive the same along with the non-beta users. So download and install stable Android 10 update for Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The newest Android 10 update features a new build number N960FXXU4DSLB for the Note 9 (SM-N960F). The update is currently live only for the Exynos (global) variants in the regions of Europe and Asia. UK and India have started receiving the stable One UI 2.0 OTA. It features all the Android 10 includes goodies like enhanced location permissions, advanced privacy tools, live caption, smart reply, sound amplifier, gesture navigation from Google Pixel, dark mode, focus mode, family link, latest security updates, and more.

Moreover, you also get One UI 2.0 exclusive features like gestures like full screen navigation gestures, updated one-handed mode, new media and devices, updated Biometrics, brand new battery usage graph, Digital Wellbeing, pre-installed Android Auto, removal of Android Beam, and much more. Plus, updated Samsung stock apps like Samsung Camera, Internet, Contacts, Calendar, Reminder, My Files, Calculator, Gallery, etc. Some of the stunning Samsung tools like Good Lock, Galaxy Labs, and Theme Park also work with One UI 2.0.

Stable Android 10 for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Here in this tutorial you will see how to update your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to stable Android 10 firmware with build DSLB. This can be done for both – users on the final beta 5 and users on the previous stable Android 9.0 Pie firmware. So basically there are three methods.

  • The recommended method is flashing the full stock firmware using Odin FlashTool. However, this will also factory reset your device and you will lose all data. So it is recommended that you backup your phone completely!
  • The second method is the OTA update method to go from Android 10 beta 4 (ZSLB) to stable using the file. We have listed the OTA update zips below for users on the final beta 4 beta.
  • The final option is to wait for the OTA update to become live in your location, then go to Settings > System Updates > Download OTA updates manually.

Download stable Android 10 for Galaxy Note 9 based on One UI 2.0

There are two types of downloads. The first one is the OTA update going from beta 4 (ZSLB) to stable (DSLB) without losing data. The stable Android 10 OTA files are listed in the downloads section 1 for the Exynos Galaxy Note 9 only.

However, we recommend you use the full stock firmware listed in the downloads section 2 below and install it using Odin FlashTool. Downloads and instructions are all listed below.

OTA Update: Downloads from Beta 4 to stable Android 10

This OTA will take your device from Android 10 beta 4 (ZSLB) to stable (DSLB) on your Exynos Note 9. The OTA comes in a small package of 100 MB in size.

OTA update downloads direct links:

How to install? For OTA updates, checkout the SD card installation method from our previous posts listed below along with two other methods:

Download stable One UI 2.0 full stock firmware for Galaxy Note 9 directly from Samsung Servers

Note: The full stock firmware servers for the stable Android 10 update are not yet live for users still on Android 9 Pie firmware. So you may need to wait a couple of days before Samsung makes the servers live. However, the following tutorial will help you download the full stock firmware directly from Samsung Severs using two amazing tools.

The SamFirm (Samsung Firmware Downloader) tool and the newly added Frija (also a Samsung Software Downloader) will let you download the latest stock firmware (that comes in a .TAR file extension) for any of your Samsung Galaxy devices. So you can basically download the full firmware update (One UI 2.0 based on Android 10) for your Exynos Note 9. Once you have the full stock firmware, you can easily flash it using the Odin FashTools.

All you have to do is find the model number of your Note 9 from Settings > About Phone and also find the region or CSC code it belongs to. For instance, product code or CSC code for Germany is DBT, India is INS, and for US carrier Verizon is VZW.

  • First, download and extract the latest SamFirm tool or the Frija Samsung Firmware Downloader.
  • Go to About Phone under Settings on your Note 9 and note down the model number like SM-N960F.
  • Find the CSC code for your Galaxy Note 9 phones from here. Also known as region or product code. In this case we used DBT for Android 10.
  • Input the model number and region code.
  • Select or check the Auto box.
  • Also, check decrypt automatically box.
  • Hit check updates option.
  • Once the details are shown, hit the download button.

Note 9 android 10 odin firmware SamFirm

This is the full stock firmware from the DBT (Germany) region. If you need to check whether this will work, go to phone app and dial *#1234#, and check if OXM is listed in the CSC-build. If yes, then you can flash the stock firmware via Odin Flashtool on other Note 9 regions as well.

How to update Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to stable Android 10 using Odin FlashTool?

In order to flash the latest firmware update onto your Note 9 phone, you must backup all the data, apps, photos, videos, media and all storage to PC. This is because the Odin FlashTool we are about to use here will factory reset your phone. Hence, backup. You can later restore the backup onto your new firmware as well.

The full stock firmware for Samsung comes in a .TAR file extension weighing over 2 GB in size. Once you have downloaded it form above, extract the zip to get a TAR file. Then move ahead onto flashing this onto your phone using Odin FlashTool.


Install One UI 2.0 full stock firmware into your Galaxy Note 9

  1. Power OFF your Galaxy Note 9 phone completely.
  2. Now reboot the phone into Download mode or Odin mode.
  3. To do so, press and hold the Volume Down + Bixby + Power Buttons at the same time. Once the Samsung logo appears, you will see a screen with a warning sign. Press the Volume Up button to proceed. You will be in the Download Mode.
  4. Download and extract latest Odin FlashTool from above. You can also use the modified Odin tool if that does not work.
  5. Run the odin.exe file as administrator.
  6. Connect your Galaxy Note 9 to PC via USB cable. Odin should output a message called “Added!!”.
  7. Now download and extract the firmware zip file to get TAR image files. Add the firmware files to Odin. If there is only one file, then add it into the [AP] slot. Otherwise, add to the Odin sections appropriately. Like BL for BL, AP for AP, CP for CP, CSC for CSC (not HOME_CSC).
  8. Now under the options tab make sure that only “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” are selected.
  9. Check the log tab and click the Start button on the bottom right.

Output should be shown in the log. Once the flash is successful, log should say PASS.

Note: To get out of Download Mode, simply hold the Volume Up and Power buttons for a few seconds (around 10 sec.) and your phone will reboot normally. Thanks to u/BeingHumayun for the screenshot.

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