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How To Download Samsung Galaxy Full Firmware Files Directly From Samsung Servers | Samsung Firmware Downloader

Update: Now download full stock Samsung Firmware using mobile.

Good new for all the Samsung users who like to tinker with their Galaxy devices. If you have rooted or installed a custom ROM and want to revert back the changes using a clean firmware flash and restore it to stock, then here is a simple tool named SamFirm, Frija, or the new Samsung Firmware Downloader free and opens source projects that can download the latest full stock Samsung firmware TAR files onto your PC, mobile, Linux machine, and MacOS.

Getting a full firmware file is not a difficult job and sometimes may get frustrating. There are some portals claiming to provide these files but they either need a premium package or have speed or bandwidth restriction. But no more. The developer of Samsung Firmware Downloader claim that with this software you can download the firmware files directly from Samsung servers with no such speed restrictions. Plus you get to check the latest firmware for your device as well. All you need to do is fill in the firmware details into the Samsung firmware downloader and check for the file.

This downloader does not guarantee all the firmware files for all regions. It may sometimes fail for some regions or you may need to enter additional information about your Galaxy device into the software. So it’s better to keep the device/software information handy. By using the Manual method in the SamFirm script, you can enter the specific firmware details like PDA, CSC and Phone in order to get the accurate firmware for your Samsung Galaxy device. However, the Auto function works fine.

I have personally tried downloading many files using the following tools and it has not disappointed me at all. Follow the tutorial below to know how to download it. The only downfall is that the software is designed for Windows PC only.

Download Samsung Galaxy official firmware download tool

SamFirm and the newly introduced Firja, or the Samsung Firmware Downloader are the two download tools that will let you download the latest official Samsung full stock firmware right on your computer and mobile. SamFirm and Frija are only Windows supported programs. For Android, MacOS, and Linux OS support get the Samsung Firmware Downloader.

Download Firja:

Download Samsung Firmware using mobile

The new Samsung Firmware Downloader developed by zacharee enabled you to download full stock Samsung firmware using mobile as well using Android. It also supports operating systems like Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

Quick links

Download SamFirm:

SamFirm was the first tool made to download the official Samsung firmware files with .TAR extensions and it still works. Firja came later with a refreshed user interface and a Night mode too. Note: For AT&T models, use SamFirm. These tools can be used to download for all the Samsung phones ranging from the latest Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e, Note 9, Galaxy S8 (Plus), S9/S9+, or earlier. Even the latest mid-range phones like Galaxy A30, M30, A50, M50, A60, A70, M20, M10, and many more.

Samsung Official Firmware Download for Galaxy directly from Samsung Servers

Step 1: Make sure you have a Windows PC with .Net Framework v3.5+ (Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) installed)

Step 2 : Download and install SamFirm or Firja (which ever you like) and extract it to a folder.

Step 3 : Note down all the details of your Samsung Galaxy device. You can use Phone Info Android app. If you are unable to boot into the system or are unable to retrieve software information, then take a look at the image below and search for all the information you can get for your device like Model, Region etc. from here or comment down below.

Note: Find the Region, CSC code, Product code from here. Here is the image for reference of what is CSC code.

How to use PDACSC to download Samsung firmware update file via SamFirm

Step 4 : Go to the extracted folder of software and Run SamFirm.exe. Now fill in the information and check Auto. Now check on Check Update and you will get all the firmware information in the log. You may sometimes need to fill the PSD and CSC of latest firmware in case it can’t automatically retrieve information.

Note: Tick the Decrypt automatically option to get the decrypted firmware.

Download Samsung Galaxy Full Firmware using SamFirm

Step 5: Verify the information and firmware file and once you are convinced, hit the download button.

That’s it wait for the firmware to download. You may sometimes not see the speed and % of download information. You may verify if Samsung Firmware downloader is using bandwidth in Task Manager. Follow and share us on social media. You may also verify if the latest version of the software is available from.

See how to install Samsung full stock firmware using latest Odin FlashTool.

Easiest way to get the Samsung Galaxy full firmware files directly onto your Android phone. See how to download Galaxy full firmware files via Samsung Firmware Downloader onto mobile, Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows. Latest Galaxy phone full stock firmware directly from Samsung servers.

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