The LG G5 is just around the corner and the pre-order has already started in many countries and by some of the US carriers as well. The LG G5 is the latest flagship phone from the Korean manufacturer and comes with an innovative design. It can be termed as a successful modular device, as it can be replaced with new hardware like CamPlus for enhanced camera features. And now Android enthusiasts and developers have extracted the system dump from this latest flagship phone from LG. The system dump weighs 1.7 GB and is not a flashable zip file; just for testing and development purposes. UPDATE May 2016: The full stock firmware KDZ and TOT files are now available for many LG G5 variants like Sprint LG G5, T-Mobile, Rogers Canada G5, the Global H850, Verizon LG G5 and much more. Also, download LGUP tool and DLL files for LG G5.

With the system dump now available, you can see this ROM ported to other LG devices soon and enjoy the latest user interface and software from LG on your Android device. The system dump is from the international variant LG H850 (Global) with build number v09h. The firmware H850V9H incorporates the latest Android 6.0.1 (MMB29M) Marshmallow OS. The build is dated- Wed Feb 17 00:09:11 KST 2016. It holds the latest LG UX 5.0 with security patches from February and is a pure stock odexed ROM. However, the official version could be v10a. Hence, this may be a test version and not the final product. The stock full firmware should be expected after the worldwide release of G5 and we will be updating the link here once available. For pics and specifications, visit this page.

Download LG G5 Firmware and System Dump

  • LG G5 System Dump H850 (Global) → Download | File: G5_v09h_6.0.1_xpirt.zip [1.69 GB]
  • LG G5 System Dump H830 (T-Mobile US) → Download | File: G5_H830_v10a_6.0.1_xpirt.zip [1.69 GB]
  • LG G5 Full Stock Firmware → Download | Look below
  • LG G5 Stock Wallpapers → Download 

Download LG G5 Full Stock KDZ and TOT Firmware Files

  • LG G5 Rogers Canada H831 KDZ→ Download | File: H83110d_00_0504.kdz [2.10 GB]
  • Verizon LG G5 VS987-VS98711A KDZ → Download | File: VS98711A_02_0330_ARB00.kdz
  • LG G5 H850 Global KDZ → Download | File: H85010C_00_OPEN_EU_OP_0415.kdz
  • TOT file for T-Mobile LG G5 H851 → Download | File: LGH830AT-00-V10a-TMO-US-MAR-04-2016-ARB00+FULL.tot (4.9G)
  • Sprint LG G5 LS992 ZV4 TOT → Download | File: LS992ZV3.7z [1.53 GB]
  • Sprint LG G5 ZV3 Link | File: LS992ZV3.7z
  • LG G5 H830 KDZ→ Download | File: coming soon…
  • LG G5 US992 KDZ → Download | File: coming soon…

Download LGUP For LG G5 All variants

New LGUP Tool For LG G5 → Download | File: LGUP_Lab_Frame_Ver_1_11.msi [14 MB]

Download LGUP DLL Files

 LGH830_DLL.msi 2.6 MB LGH830_DLL.msi
 LGH850_DLL.msi 2.6 MB LGH850_DLL.msi

How to Install Stock KDZ or TOT Firmware on LG G5 with LGUP and Restore to full stock firmware Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow?

The procedure is similar to all the LG devices. With the new LGUP tool. It is very easy to install the LG G5 KDZ and TOT stock firmware files. So download the required files like KDZ or TOT firmware, LGUP tool, and/or DLL for your LG G5 variant device and proceed to this tutorial: How to restore LG devices to stock with LGUP.

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