Download Android 10 Beta 2 for Snapdragon Galaxy S9 and Note 9 United States variants [One UI 2.0 beta 2 ZSL9]

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Android 10 for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ and Note 9 snapdragon USA variants

Soon after the Exynos variants received the Android 10 beta update globally, Samsung released the same for the Snapdragon variants too. If you head over to the Samsung Members app on you phone, then you will most likely see the new One UI 2 beta program for the Galaxy S9/S9+ and Note 9 devices. It’s been long since the first beta came out in the United States for the Snapdragon variants. Today, a new Android 10 beta 2 ZSL9 build is rolling out for all the OneUI 2.0 beta testers.

Yes, Samsung’s Android 10 beta program is now live in the United States. However, this only comes to the Unlocked Snapdragon Galaxy S9 and Note 9 variants. The carrier locked variants like T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon may directly receive the stable Android 10 update. Or you could simply convert your locked variant to unlocked one and get the OTA yourself. So any unlocked variants from any of the carriers can update their S9 and Note 9 to this ZSL9 build.

The new One UI 2.0 firmware update features new build numbers G965U1UEU7ZSL9 for the Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965U1), build G960U1UEU7ZSL9 for the Galaxy S9 (SM-G960U1), and build N960U1UEU3ZSL7 for the unlocked Note 9 (SM-N960U1). The same update came to the global Exynos Galaxy S9 and Note 9 variants with the latest Android 10 beta 3 last week. Moreover, stable One UI 2.0 OTA updates are already rolling out for Galaxy S10 and Note 10 right now across the globe. The S9 and Note 9 are set to receive the stable update starting January 2020 in some regions.

What’s new with Android 10 beta 2 for Snapdragon S9 and Note 9 ZSL9/ZSL7:

Bug Fixes:

  • FC occurs while using Samsung Pass
  • SPen Aircommand translation does not work (Note 9 only)
  • Iris recognition for Secure Folder is failed
  • FC occurs while editing LED icon
  • Mobile hotspot connection is unstable

Known issues:

  • Bixby vision preview gets freeze and ‘Bixby framework keeps stopping’ force close occurs while scanning objects (Camera —> MORE —> BIXBY VISION)

Download OneUI 2.0 beta 2 for Galaxy S9, S9+, and Note 9

The Android 10 beta 2 OTA update for the Snapdragon Galaxy S9 and S9+ found in the United States is now available for download. See the how to update instructions from the post listed below. Moreover, Samsung Members already has the Android 10 (One UI 2.0) beta 2 registration open for the Snapdragon S9 and Note 9 variants in the Unites States (USA). See how to sign up here.

Downloads for Snapdragon Galaxy S9+:

Downloads for Snapdragon Note 9:

Thanks to Lý Cường for the Google drive links for Note 9.

Note: For the beta 2, your device needs to be on the stable Android 9 CSK1 and then update to ZSL2. Use the SD card method to install OTA on Snapdragon variants. Also, stay tuned for the regular S9 and Note 9 OTA capture.

The easiest way to update Galaxy device to Android 10 is using the Samsung Members app. However, for the users not selected for the beta program can download the OTA update zip and manually sideload it via stock recovery or ADB sideload method.

We already have the Android 10 beta 2 OTA update for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Download it from our previous tutorial – How to update Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ to Android 10 One UI 2.0 beta [OTA downloads].

Alternatively, here is a tutorial specific to Snapdragon variants Download Android 10 Beta 6 for Unlocked Snapdragon Galaxy S10+ variants in USA [One UI 2.0].

You may also need to know how to restore Samsung Galaxy devices back to stock Android 9 Pie. Thanks to u/OVER90000009 and u/SpyderKnightz for the images and update link.

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