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Updated: Stable Android 10 now available for download for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ for beta 6 users and previous Android 9 Pie users. Samsung begins the OneUI 2.0 beta update for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Exynos variants. The Android 10 beta program is now live in India and South Korea. We have already seen the latest One UI 2.0 beta update for the Galaxy S10 series, Note 10, and the Galaxy Note 9. The S10 got whopping 7 beta updates till date. So we can expect One UI 2.0 firmware for the S9 to be quite stable for the first release. While other countries with Exynos variants of the S9 and S9+ may have to wait a little longer for the OTA update to popup, you also have the option to download and install the latest Android 10 beta update manually.

The first One UI 2.0 beta features a new build number G965FXXU7ZSKD and baseband version G965FXXU7ZSK9 for the Galaxy S9+. Same goes for the regular Galaxy S9 with build number G960FXXU7ZSKD and baseband version G960FXXU7ZSK9. It features all the Android 10 goodies like enhanced location permissions, advanced privacy tools, live caption, smart reply, sound amplifier, gesture navigation from Google Pixel, dark mode, focus mode, family link, latest security updates, and more.

Moreover, you also get One UI 2.0 exclusive features including full screen gestures from Samsung, updated one-handed mode, new media and devices, updated Biometrics, brand new battery usage graph, Digital Wellbeing, pre-installed Android Auto, removal of Android Beam, and much more. Not to forget the new and updated Samsung stock apps like Samsung Camera, Internet, Contacts, Calendar, Reminder, My Files, Calculator, Gallery, etc. The long awaited Nigh Mode also come to the Samsung camera on the latest Android 10 update for the S9 and S9 Plus. You can checkout the compete One Ui 2.0 changelog and feature list from here.

Android 10 for Galaxy S9+ ota update

Download Android 10 for Galaxy S9/S9+ based on One UI 2.0 update

Updated: Android 10 beta 2 is now rolling out for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. Download link for the Galaxy S9 SM-G9650 available now!

Following we have listed the official Android 10 OTA file for the Exynos Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F) and Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965F) variants. While the update is only available in select countries as of now, you can still manually update your phone using the OTA update zip.

We have the OTA updates for the entire global Galaxy S9+ going from build CSK1 to ZSK9. So your device needs to be on the Android 9 Pie CSK1 firmware in order to flash the Android 10 beta OTA.

Latest: Download One UI 2.0 stable for S9/S9+

Downloads from Samsung Servers: OneUI Beta 1 ZSK9

Downloads from Samsung Servers: OneUI Beta 2 ZSL2

Download One UI Beta 3 ZSL9

Download One UI Beta 4 ZSLC

Download One UI Beta 5

  • Exynos Galaxy S9/S9+ One UI 2.0 beta 5 | Download G965FXXU7ZTA2 (post link)

Download One UI Beta 6

  • Exynos Galaxy S9/S9+ One UI 2.0 beta 6 | Download G965FXXU7ZTA9 (post link)

You may also need:

NOTES for eligible devices! The update zips are only for MULTI-CSC OXM! You can check this by dialing using your phone app at – *#1234#, and check if OXM is in the CSC-build.



How to update Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ to Android 10 One UI 2.0?

The latest Android 10 beta is now live for the S9 and S9+ via Samsung Member’s app in the regions of South Korea and India. The easiest way to update Galaxy device to Android 10 is using the Samsung Members app. However, for the regions where the update is not yet available, download the OTA update zip from above and installation via stock recovery or ADB sideload method (recommended).

Checkout our popular tutorial about S10 and read the comments for some troubleshooting and help – Download Android 10 beta for Exynos Galaxy S10 based on One UI 2.0.


Samsung SDK Platform Tools method

  • Make sure your Galaxy S9/S9+ is on the latest Android 9 Pie CSK1 build. See how to install Samsung stock firmware via Odin flash tool.
  • Download CSK1 to ZSK9 OTA update zip from above.
  • Rename it to
  • Transfer the file to PC, Mac Book, or Linux machine. Also, keep a copy of the update zip on your phone’s storage or SD card.
  • Download Samsung SDK Platform Tools SDK platform tools from here for your PC – Windows, Linux, MacOS.
  • Extract the SDK files to your desktop.
  • Enter the extracted folder and put the in it.
  • From the folder, launch a command prompt window. You an do this by simply clicking the address bar, type “cmd” and hit enter. Alternatively, hold left shift, right click on mouse and select “open command prompt here”.
  • Turn off the phone completely.
  • Now, enter into recovery mode by holding power+bixby+volume up buttons.
  • Select “update via ADB”. (you scroll down using the volume buttons and select using the power button).
  • Connect your phone to the PC using original Samsung USB cable.
  • In the command prompt issue the following command:

./adb devices

  • See if your device has been connected and wait for the daemon to start.
  • If your device is found, run the following command:

./adb sideload

  • Wait for the update to install and reboot the phone.
  • Repeat the same procedure for next OTA update beta 2, beta 3, and so forth. (if available)

Stock recovery method 2 – OTA update zip installation:

  • Make sure your Galaxy S9 is on the Android 9 Pie firmware CSK1 build. If your phone is already running this software version, skip this step and proceed.
  • Download CSK1 to ZSK9 OTA update zip from above. Rename it to and transfer the file to PC, Mac Book, or Linux machine. Also, keep a copy of the update zip on your phone’s storage or SD card.
  • Reboot your Galaxy phone into Recovery mode. To do so, turn of your phone completely and then press and hold Power + Volume Up + Bixby buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.
  • Once you enter the stock recovery mode, use the volume buttons to navigate and select the option “apply update from SD card“.
  • Navigate to the update zip file (CSK1 to ZSK9) in SD card and hit power button to select it.
  • The update will then start. The update can take between 2 to 10 minutes. Once you finish this step, skip to step 13.
  • Repeat the same for further OTA update like beta 2, beta 3, and more (if available)

Note: You can also, issue the following command through cmd or terminal to reboot into recovery mode.

adb reboot recovery

ADB sideload method 3:

Alternatively: If you don’t have an SD Card option, use the ADB sideload method.

  • Reboot device back into the stock recovery mode. Follow the steps from above.
  • Connect S9 to PC. Now open a command prompt or terminal window on your PC where the OTA update zip is present. To do so, type cmd in address bar and hit Enter key.
  • From your phone’s recovery, select “Apply updates from ADB”.
  • Navigate to the location where you have placed the OTA file on your PC. It’s time to flash the OTA by issuing the following command. (Note that you type the exact name with its proper extension.)

adb sideload

Note: Here it will be adb sideload Put the exact file name in the <filename> section without “<>” and proper extension.

  • Approve the update and wait till the upgrade completes.
  • Reboot device to system.

Note: While, on Mac OS, you can issue “./adb sideload <filename>.zip” command or on Linux type “sudo adb sideload <filename>.zip” to flash the OTA. Check out the complete tutorial from here.

You may also need to know how to restore Samsung Galaxy devices back to stock Android 9 Pie. We will also list Android 10 for Snapdragon Galaxy S9 variants in the Unites States (USA). So stay tuned!

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42 responses

  1. Mihai Badea Avatar
    Mihai Badea

    Waiting for the link so I can install it on S9 🙂

    1. AndroidSage Avatar

      Link updated!

      1. Mihai Badea Avatar
        Mihai Badea

        Thanks a lot. Works great!

  2. Muhammad Yosri Avatar
    Muhammad Yosri

    It gives me error via stock recovery. I’m in csj1

    1. Mihai Badea Avatar
      Mihai Badea

      You have to update to CSK1 first, it says very clear in the article. Just download the CSK1 (for UK) first using Samfirm, flash it, then you are good to go.

      1. Muhammad Yosri Avatar
        Muhammad Yosri

        He said i must be in csj1 when i flash via stock recovery

        1. Mihai Badea Avatar
          Mihai Badea

          That’s just a spelling mistake. You need CSK1 to flash this beta update, doesnt matter which method you choose for instalation.

          1. Hennie Vermeulen Avatar
            Hennie Vermeulen

            Hello, I also have csj1 build – so ,ust I flash CSK1 via Odin….and then follow normal process above (via sideloader)

          2. Hennie Vermeulen Avatar
            Hennie Vermeulen

            Hello, reg the S9+ update, I have flashed it with UK (CSK1), but the beta 1 update didn’t work. Now I plan to flash it with the following build – will it work? G965FOXM7CSK5?? Kindly advise plse.

        2. Hennie Vermeulen Avatar
          Hennie Vermeulen

          Did you get it fixed, as I have the same build/problem?

          1. Muhammad Yosri Avatar
            Muhammad Yosri

            No i deleted everything because the official build next month in my country. So if u want the beta u must install India or uk rom then install the beta file this is the solution

  3. drága kocsim van Avatar
    drága kocsim van

    so, if my CSC is not listed, can i still flash this
    if i understand csc correctly all it means is my data will be gone

    1. Mihai Badea Avatar
      Mihai Badea

      You should backup your data before anyway, and you won’t lose anything like that. You can flash it after, and it will work.

      1. drága kocsim van Avatar
        drága kocsim van

        well, it just fails to update from Recovery mode
        guess i need a proper CSC flashed first, then it will work?

  4. Loud N Avatar
    Loud N

    Updated: Download link for the Galaxy S9 SM-G9650 available now!


    my galaxy s9 + with snapdragon how do I upgrade?

  5. Mircea Manolovici Avatar
    Mircea Manolovici

    How about the Beta 2? Does anybody have a download link for the beta 2?

    1. AndroidSage Avatar

      It will roll out by next week.

      1. Mircea Manolovici Avatar
        Mircea Manolovici

        Will you post all of the future betas here? 🙂

        1. AndroidSage Avatar

          Yes. Beta 3 is now available!

  6. خ' ليل Avatar
    خ’ ليل

    I try to update ota in sd but not workig my device s9 plus android pie last Update

    1. AndroidSage Avatar

      Try other methods.

      1. Hennie Vermeulen Avatar
        Hennie Vermeulen

        Hello, reg the S9+ update, I have flashed it with UK (CSK1), but the beta 1 update didn’t work. Now I plan to flash it with the following build – will it work? G965FOXM7CSK5?? Kindly advise as I would like to install it to the S9+ too.

        1. rupert3k Avatar

          You have to install them sequentially, beta 1 is 1.9gb, beta 2 is 300mb. Had the same problem, beta 1 gave an error so I installed BTU-G960FXXU7CSK1 then it worked.

          1. Hennie Vermeulen Avatar
            Hennie Vermeulen

            Thanks Rupert, but I am looking for S9+, I did install/flash the exact file (beta 1 as per thread), but prior flashed the VOD file from UK (CSK1) – so I am wondering if a CSK5 file will work…..will try it tonight at home

          2. rupert3k Avatar

            On my first failed attempt I was running an Australian vendor (TEL), next I began downloading VOD_CSK1 but half way through the slow assed overnight 8hr samfrew download I remembered something I read about using unbranded firmware so I cancelled my VOD_CSK1 download & instead grabbed BTU-G960FXXU7CSK1 so maybe try BTU-G965FXXU7CSK1? Seems to be the 9+ equivalent

          3. Hennie Vermeulen Avatar
            Hennie Vermeulen

            Thanks Rupert – I will give it a go….I just know my wife is NOT happy with me as the new flash took away ll her progress on games etc…passwords to banking and many more – so, I really have to think twice on this one. Thanks for your feedback! Have a good day.

          4. rupert3k Avatar

            Goodness, wiping the wife’s digital world isn’t a great start to Xmas, with hindsight you should have backed everything up with smartswitch.
            Updating to beta 1 & 2 won’t erase anything but flashing BTU to achieve this will.
            Pity you weren’t able to just sign up for beta program as your in UK.
            Play with smartswitch & make a backup & hopefully you’ll be out of the doghouse soon lol

          5. Hennie Vermeulen Avatar
            Hennie Vermeulen

            Thats the thing – I did backup all via smartswitch….we are from UAE (Dubai). I have looked at the BTU file, but it very similar to the one that I downloaded before, so I will skip for now until someone can pinpoint the exact file (or for the roll out to come in Jan or so) – cannot risk war in the house again….thanks for the help!

          6. Hennie Vermeulen Avatar
            Hennie Vermeulen

            Rupert, when you flash via download mode, do you ONLY FLASH THE AP, or all of them as per their respective flows?

          7. rupert3k Avatar

            Flashed BL, AP, CP & Home_CSC (as per their respective flows) yeah yeah!

  7. s9user Avatar

    Does this work for newer csk versions? because my s9 has CSK4… Im on latest december 2019 security patch

  8. s9user Avatar

    so is there any link to update CSK4? Because there was a december security patch a few days ago and it would be nice if the article gets updated

  9. Mircea Manolovici Avatar
    Mircea Manolovici

    Updating as we speak with the 2nd beta on S9 – hope that battery drain is gone 🙂

  10. blazzza Avatar

    i updated to CSK1 and than to beta 1. all succesfull, but stuck with boot logo for about 5-10min and after that error and cant boot. i flashed back to CSK1 with odin so that i can use the phone. any suggestions why i got stuck on boot?
    please help.

    1. Mircea Manolovici Avatar
      Mircea Manolovici

      That’s only the plus version – how about the regular one, now that the beta 5 is up?

  11. Piereligio Avatar

    How can I flash the bin files on my S9? I’m on first beta currently

  12. Fighter Music Avatar
    Fighter Music

    I installed the beta version and then the full version , My question is, now I won’t get the future updates on my mobile phone … Is there a page or forum where you can find the latest updates?

  13. Jamie Avatar

    Hey everyone, had been applying each build through to stable via adb over USB.

    Have noticed that I haven’t received any monthly security updates from Samsung over the air since then on my Galaxy S9+.

    My partner has a regular Galaxy S9 and received the official update OTA when it went public, since then she has revieved OTA security updates.

    Is this expected when manually flashing to S9+ that future updates will no longer download and I need to revert to stock and upgrade OTA or is there a way to fix this?


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