Download Android 10 for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 based on One UI 2.0 beta update [OTA downloads]

Followed by the successful implementation of One UI 2.0 beta program for the Galaxy S10 series, Samsung is all set to test out the same for their previous generation devices including Note 9 and the S9. The Android 10 beta program for the popular Note 9 has already begun with the build ZSK5 – which is quite stable for the first release as acclaimed by some users. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ may soon receive the Android 10 beta program later this week, according to some rumors. Meanwhile, download and install the latest Android 10 beta 1 HotFix for Exynos Note 9 with ZSK7 build.

The new One UI 2.0 firmware update for the Exynos variants of Note 9 features a new firmware build number N960FXXU4ZSK5 or ZSK7. The only bug fixes with this beta 1 HotFix are – unintended app install issue and device can’t be unlocked after reboot. This is a small update over the previous one which can mean one thing. The stable One UI 2.0 firmware update is imminent. Depending on the stability, the manufacturer may entirely skip the beta program for the Galaxy S9 and directly jump to the stable Android 10 version. You can checkout the compete Android 10 changelog and feature list from here.

The previous update for Note 9 featured latest security patch level from November 2019, improved Camera features, Intelligent Wi-Fi 1.5, Auto Hotspot feature, Wi-Fi tips, improved fingerprint recognition algorithm, and much more.

Note 9’s Android 10 beta program is available in only select countries. So if your Samsung Member’s app does not show a notice of the new One UI 2.0 beta program, then you can manually update your device using the OTA update zip; captured directly from Samsung servers.

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Download OneUI 2.0: Official Android 10 beta 1 HotFix for Galaxy Note9

Following we have listed the official Android 10 OTA file  from beta 1 HotFix for the Exynos Note 9 variants. The OTA is available for all the Exynos variants for the regions where the beta is live. Alternatively, you can also manually update your Note 9 series phones to the latest beta 2 using the OTA update zip files listed below.

You may want to install beta 1 beforehand:

This will take you from stable Android 9 to beta Android 10:

Downloads from Samsung Servers:

How to update Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to Android 10 beta 1 HotFix?

The easiest way to update Galaxy Note 9 to Android 10 i using the Samsung Members app. However, for the regions where the update is not yet available, download the OTA update zip from above and installation via stock recovery or ADB sideload method.

Checkout our popular tutorial about S10 for two more methods of installation if the following does not work – Download Android 10 beta for Exynos Galaxy S10 based on One UI 2.0.

Stock recovery SD Card method – OTA update zip installation:

Step 1: Make sure your Galaxy Note 9 is on the Android 10 beta 1 firmware ZSK5 build.

Step 2: Download ZSK5 to ZSK7 OTA update zip from above. Rename it to and transfer the file to your phone’s storage or SD card.

Step 3: Reboot your Galaxy phone into Recovery mode. To do so, turn of your phone completely and then press and hold Power + Volume Up + Bixby buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.

Step 4: Once you enter the stock recovery mode, use the volume buttons to navigate and select the option “apply update via SD card“.

Step 5: Navigate to the update zip file (ZSK5 to ZSK7) in SD card and hit power button to select it.

Step 6: The update can take between 2 to 10 minutes. Once you finish, the phone will restart.

Step 7: Repeat the same for further OTA updates like beta 2, beta 3, and more (if available)

You may also need to know how to restore Samsung Galaxy devices back to stock Android 9 Pie.

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