Download and Install official LG G4 Android 7.0 Nougat firmware update KDZ

Update: Official LG G4 stock Android 7.0 Nougat firmware for Global variants is now available H81529A. Download the full stock firmware KDZ files from below. Install using a new tool called Uppercut. Also, we have updated the full LG G4 TOT firmware files below. Use LGUP and DLL for TOT.

LG G4 was once the most popular Android phone since its launch last year. Mostly because it came with the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow firmware out of the box and also for its stunning camera. Now, the phone has grabbed more attention as LG released official Android 7.0 Nougat firmware update for the same. It comes with firmware version v30b and v30c for other variants. The stock KDZ files are now available for download.

Currently, only the Korean variants of the LG G4 have started receiving the latest Android 7.0 Nougat with firmware build number F500S30b, F500L30b, F500K30c. The global variant LG G4 H815 shall soon receive a similar update later this month. This also includes the US carrier variants like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint G4 with build number v30b or v30c.

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Moreover, users in Poland have started receiving Nougat OTA for LG G4 H815 – EU from Polish Carrier PLAY (with Wifi-Calling).

LG G4 makes the third device in a row to receive the Nougat update following LG G5 and LG V20. The LG G3, however, has no hope as it wont receive any official updates. You might as well settle for custom ROMS like Lineage OS 14.1 or Resurrection Remix 5.8.3 based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat. Moreover, we already have the LG G6 running the latest 7.1.1 Nougat OS out of the box.

Download LG G4 Android 7.0 Nougat firmware KDZ files

The full stock firmware files for LG G4 come in KDZ format. The KDZ firmware file can help you restore your device to complete stock.

LG G4 (Intl) (h815) Nougat Firmware KDZ  – Download H81529A

Korean LG G4 F500S Nougat Firmware v30b – Download

Korean LG G4 F500L Nougat Firmware v30b – Download

Korean LG G4 F500K Nougat Firmware v30c – Download

Download AT&T LG G4 Nougat Firmware KDZ – coming soon

Download Verizon LG G4 VS990 Nougat Firmware KDZ – coming soon

Download T-Mobile LG G4 (TMO) (h811) Nougat Firmware KDZ – coming soon

Download official LG G4 Nougat TOT firmware files

Tools you will need:

How to install official Android 7.0 Nougat v30b firmware update onto LG G4?

LGUP is a special tool designed to flash the LG stock firmware update onto any LG device. Uppercut tool will fix all the USB connectivity problems. Here is a full tutorial on how to use LGUP.

Step 1: Firstly, download the full stock Nougat firmware KDZ for LG G4 from above.

Step 2: Transfer the KDZ firmware to you Windows PC.

Step 3: Reboot LG device into Download Mode.  To do so, Power off the phone completely. Now hold Volume Up then plug into PC via USB cable at the same time. Connect your LG device to PC via USB cable. Install latest drivers.

Step 4: Download and install LGUP and Uppercut.

Step 5: Run the uppercut software as administrator.

Step 6: Your device will be automatically detected.

Step 7: LGUP software will run automatically.

How to flash Nougat firmware update onto LG G4 using LGUP
How to flash Nougat firmware update onto LG G4 using LGUP

Step 8: From LGUP, select the “Upgrade” radio option.

Step 9: Provide the LG stock firmware file Path and hit Start.

That’s it. Once installation completes, reboot device to system.

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  1. André Massafera Avatar
    André Massafera

    preciso da versão H818P

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    Lg g4 F500K for edit H815
    Lg g4 F500K for edit H818P
    Lg g4 7.0 from 6.0 mm upload

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    kursat yilmaz

    Lg g4 F500K For Edit H811

  4. Mr. Input Avatar
    Mr. Input

    Uhm.. “Release last year” ? 2 years ago..
    And it was delivered with Android 5 out of the box and updated to Android 6 a few monts later…

  5. Jakub Avatar

    I want to upgrade to nougat but the uppercase don’t recorgnizes my phone lg g4 h815 i see message unknown. Could you help me and tell what i can do?

  6. djdjo59 Avatar

    Hi, thanks for the post! is it a beta firmware or the stable one?

  7. djdjo59 Avatar

    Doesn’t work, the ZIP file is not for LGUP

  8. vitali7773337 Avatar

    Where is the Iternational version of KDZ H815 file?..i dont see it

  9. Mehr Frank Avatar
    Mehr Frank

    Actually the LG G4 came with Lollipop, not Marshmallow…

  10. tomer Avatar

    someone try the Tot file on H815L G4 ?
    i need to know if its work well
    i didnt want to brick my device forever …

  11. hsogeihosheg Avatar

    All posts have dead old google drive links for H815P
    Here is the new working link:
    Thanks to user masemoel from XDA (THANK YOUUUUU!!!!)

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