Download and install Resurrection Remix 5.8.3+ based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat for all Android devices

The Resurrection Remix OS is the second most popular custom ROM for Android devices after Lineage OS. CyanogenMod is officially discontinued and Lineage OS has taken over with the current build 14.1 based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat. Similarly, the Resurrection Remix 5.8.3 or later comes integrated with the 7.1.2 Nougat as well. However, not all Android phones are supported officially at this moment. Hence, we have created a list of the unofficial RR ROM builds as well. Check out the list below for latest downloads.

These custom ROMS are not based on AOSP completely. Custom ROMS like Lineage OS take these AOSP sources build a custom framework over it and release it for majority of smartphones. Moreover, RR ROMS are again based on Lineage OS sources. There si one difference though. Resurrection Remix OS comes with numerous customization options, Kernel tweaks, performance optimization, power management tools configuration options, and much more.

In order to find the exact download link for your Android device, hold Ctrl+F on keyboard and search for the device or codename. Click on the codename and you will be directed to the download repository. We will be updating the unofficial build links as well. So stay tuned.

Download latest Resurrection Remix ROM for all Android devices

Resurrection Remix Downloads Android Device Name
zuk_z2  Lenovo ZUK Z2
Z010D  Asus Zenfone Max (Z010D)
Z00T  Zenfone 2 Laser/Selfie (1080p) (Z00T)
Z00L  Zenfone 2 Laser (720p) (Z00L)
Z00A  Zenfone 2 (1080p) (Z00A)
Z008  Zenfone 2 (720p) (Z008)
yuga  Sony Xperia Z
x2  Nokia X2
wt88047  Xiaomi Redmi 2 (wt88047)
vs980  Verizon LG G2
victara  Moto X 2014 (victara)
v400  LG G Pad 7.0
trltexx  Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Intl) (trltexx)
trltetmo  Galaxy NOTE 4 T-Mobile
treltexx  Samsung Galaxy Note 4
tomato  YU Yureka
togari Xperia Z Ultra – togari
titan  Moto G 2014 (titan)
taoshan  Sony Xperia L
t0lte Samsung Galaxy Note II (GSM LTE) (t0lte)
T00F  Asus Zenfone 5
surnia Moto E LTE (2015) (surnia)
sprout8  Google Android One (8GB) (sprout8)
sprout4  Android One (4GB) (sprout4)
slte Not known
sirius  Sony Xperia Z2 – sirius
shamu  Nexus 6 (shamu)
shamrock  General Mobile 5 Plus
s2  Samsung Galaxy S2 II
quark  Moto MAXX / Droid Turbo
pme  HTC 10
peregrine Motorola Moto G 4G (“peregrine”)
otus  Moto E (2015) (otus)
osprey  Moto G (2015) (osprey)
onyx  OnePlus X (onyx)
oneplus3t  OnePlus 3T
oneplus3  OnePlus 3
oneplus2  OnePlus 2
oneplus-unified-3-3T  Unified build for oneplus 3/3T
odin  Unknown
nx531j  Nubia Z11 – nx531j
nicki  Xperia M (nicki)
natrium  Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus – natrium
n7100  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 II
n7000  Samsung Galaxy Note N7000
n5120  Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
n5110  Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (Wi-Fi)
n5100  Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
ms013g  Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
merlin Moto G3 Turbo (merlin)
manta  Nexus 10 (manta)
mako  Nexus 4 (mako)
m8d  HTC One 2014 Dual SIM (m8d)
m8  HTC One 2014 (m8)
m7 HTC One (GSM) (m7)
lux  Moto X Play (lux)
lt02ltespr  Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (Sprint) (lt02ltespr)
ls980  Sprint LG G2
libra  Xiaomi Mi4c
lettuce Yuphoria (lettuce)
kltevzw Galaxy S5 (VZW) (kltevzw)
klteusc Galaxy S5 (USC) (klteusc)
kltespr Galaxy S5 (Sprint) (kltespr)
kltekor Galaxy S5 (Korea) (kltekor)
kltekdi  Galaxy S5 (AU) (kltekdi)
kltedv  Galaxy S5 (Vodafone) (kltedv)
klteduos  Galaxy S5 Duos (klteduos)
kltechnduo  Galaxy S5 Duos (China) (kltechnduo)
kltechn  Galaxy S5 (China) (kltechn)
klte  Galaxy S5 (klte)
kiwi  Honor 5X (kiwi)
kenzo  Redmi Note 3 (kenzo)
jfvelte  Galaxy S4 Value Edition (GT-I9515) (jfvelte)
jfltexx  Galaxy S4 (Intl) (jfltexx)
jfltetmo  Galaxy S4 T-Mobile – jfltetmo
jalebi  YU Yunique (jalebi)
jagnm  LG G3 Beat (jagnm)
jag3gds  LG G3 S (jag3gds)
ido  Redmi 3/Prime (ido)
i9500  Samsung Galaxy S4
i9305  Galaxy S III (GSM LTE) (i9305)
i9300  Galaxy S III (Intl) (i9300)
I9205  Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9205
i9100 Samsung Galaxy S II I9100
i9082  Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082
huashan  Sony Xperia SP (huashan)
honami  Sony Xperia Z1
hlte  Galaxy NOTE 3
harpia  Moto G4 Play (harpia)
hammerhead  Nexus 5 (hammerhead)
ham  ZUK Z1 (ham)
h815  LG G4 (Intl) (h815)
h811  LG G4 (T-MOBILE) (h811)
grouper  Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi) (grouper)
ghost  Moto X 2013 (ghost)
gemini  Xiaomi Mi 5 (gemini)
g2m G2 Mini (g2m)
flounder  Nexus 9
flo Nexus 7 2013 (Wi-Fi) (flo)
Find7s  OPPO Find 7s (find7s)
Find7a  OPPO Find 7a (find7a)
falcon  Moto G (falcon)
dogo  Sony Xperia ZR
dior  Redmi NOTE 4G
deb  Nexus 7 2013 (4G) (deb)
d855  G3 (Unlocked) (d855)
d852  G3 (Canada) (d852)
d803  G2 (Canada) (d803)
d802  G2 (Intl) (d802)
d801  G2 (TMO) (d801)
d800  G2 (AT&T) (d800)
d2vzw  Galaxy S III (VZW) (d2vzw)
d2tmo Galaxy S III (TMO) (d2tmo)
d2spr  Galaxy S III (Sprint) (d2spr)
d2att  Galaxy S III (AT&T) (d2att)
crackling  Wileyfox Swift (crackling)
condor  Moto E (condor)
clark  Moto X Pure (2015) (clark)
castor_windy  Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet WiFi
castor  Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet (GSM/LTE)
capricorn  Mi 5s – capricorn
cancro  Mi 3w and Mi 4 (cancro)
bullhead  Nexus 5X (bullhead)
bacon OnePlus One (bacon)
axon7  ZTE Azon 7
athene  Moto G4/G4 Plus (athene)
armani  Redmi 1S (armani
angler  Nexus 6P (angler)
amami  Xperia Z1 Compact (z1c)
a7lte  Samsung Galaxy A700FD
A7010a48  Lenovo Vibe K4 Note
A6020  Vibe K5 / K5 Plus (A6020)
a6000 Lenovo A6000/A6000 Plus/K30

List of Android devices receiving Resurrection Remix unofficial builds


  • ZenPad 8.0 (Z380KL) (P024)
  • Zenfone 2 (1080p) (Z00A)
  • Zenfone 2 (720p) (Z008)
  • Zenfone 2 (Z00D) (Z00D)
  • Zenfone 2 Laser (720p) (Z00L)
  • Zenfone 2 Laser/Selfie (1080p) (Z00T)


  • Aquaris E5 4G (vegetalte)
  • Aquaris M5 (piccolo)
  • Aquaris X5 (paella)


  • Android One 2nd gen (seed)
  • Galaxy Nexus (GSM) (maguro)
  • Galaxy Nexus (Sprint) (toroplus)
  • Galaxy Nexus (VZW) (toro)
  • Nexus 10 (manta)
  • Nexus 4 (mako)
  • Nexus 5 (hammerhead)
  • Nexus 5X (bullhead)
  • Nexus 6 (shamu)
  • Nexus 6P (angler)
  • Nexus 7 2013 (4G) (deb)
  • Nexus 7 2013 (Wi-Fi) (flo)
  • Nexus 9


  • 10 (pme)
  • HTC One (GSM) (m7)
  • One (VZW) (m7vzw)
  • HTC One 2014 (m8)
  • HTC One 2014 Dual SIM (m8d)
  • One A9 (GSM International) (hiaeuhl)
  • One A9 (GSM US) (hiaeul)
  • One M9 (GSM) (himaul)
  • One M9 (VZW) (himawl)
  • One Max (t6)
  • One Max (VZW) (t6vzw)


  • Ascend Mate 2 (mt2)
  • Honor 4/4x (cherry)
  • Honor 4x (China Telecom) (che10)
  • Honor 5X (kiwi)


  • G Pad 7 LTE (v410)
  • G Pad 8 (v480)
  • G Pad 8.3 (v500)
  • G Pad X 8.0 (TMO) (v521)
  • G2 (AT&T) (d800)
  • G2 (Canada) (d803)
  • G2 (Intl) (d802)
  • G2 (TMO) (d801)
  • G2 Mini (g2m)
  • G3 (AT&T) (d850)
  • G3 (Canada) (d852)
  • G3 (Korea) (f400)
  • G3 (Sprint) (ls990)
  • G3 (TMO) (d851)
  • G3 (Unlocked) (d855)
  • G3 (VZW) (vs985)
  • G3 Beat (jagnm)
  • G3 S (jag3gds)
  • G4 (Intl) (h815)
  • G4 (TMO) (h811)
  • G5 (Intl) (h850)
  • G5 (TMO) (h830)
  • Optimus L70 (w5)
  • Optimus L90 (w7)
  • V20 (TMO) (h918)


  • Le 2 (s2)
  • Le Max 2 (x2)
  • Le Pro 3 (zl1)


  • Vibe K5 / K5 Plus (A6020)
  • Vibe Z2 Pro (kingdom)
  • Lenovo K4 Note A7010a48


  • Droid 4 (maserati)
  • Droid Bionic (targa)
  • Droid Razr (spyder)
  • Moto E (condor)
  • Moto E (2015) (otus)
  • Moto E LTE (2015) (surnia)
  • Moto G (falcon)
  • Moto G (2015) (osprey)
  • Moto G 2014 (titan)
  • Moto G 4G (peregrine)
  • Moto G 4G 2014 (thea)
  • Moto G3 Turbo (merlin)
  • Moto G4 Play (harpia)
  • Moto G4/G4 Plus (athene)
  • Moto X 2013 (ghost)
  • Moto X 2014 (victara)
  • Moto X Play (lux)
  • Moto X Pure (2015) (clark)
  • Moto Z (griffin)
  • Moto Z Play (addison)
  • Photon Q (xt897)
  • Razr (umts_spyder)


  • Robin (ether)


  • Shield Portable (roth)
  • Shield Tablet (shieldtablet)


  • Find 7a (find7)
  • Find 7s (find7s)
  • N3 (n3)
  • R5/R5s (Intl) (r5)
  • R7 Plus (r7plus)



  • Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 (LTE) (lt03lte)
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 (Wi-Fi) (n1awifi)
  • Galaxy Note 8 (GSM) (n5100)
  • Galaxy Note 8 (LTE) (n5120)
  • Galaxy Note 8 (Wi-Fi) (n5110)
  • Galaxy Note II (GSM LTE) (t0lte)
  • Galaxy Note II (Korea) (t0ltektt)
  • Galaxy Note II (Korea) (t0ltekor)
  • Galaxy Note II (SK Telecom) (t0lteskt)
  • Galaxy S II (Intl) (i9100)
  • Galaxy S III (AT&T) (d2att)
  • Galaxy S III (GSM LTE) (i9305)
  • Galaxy S III (Intl) (i9300)
  • Galaxy S III (Sprint) (d2spr)
  • Galaxy S III (TMO) (d2tmo)
  • Galaxy S III (VZW) (d2vzw)
  • Galaxy S4 (Intl) (jfltexx)
  • Galaxy S4 (VZW) (jfltevzw)
  • Galaxy S4 LTE-A (ks01lte)
  • Galaxy S4 Mini (3G) (serrano3gxx)
  • Galaxy S4 Mini (Dual SIM) (serranodsdd)
  • Galaxy S4 Mini (LTE) (serranoltexx)
  • Galaxy S5 (klte)
  • Galaxy S5 (AU) (kltekdi)
  • Galaxy S5 (China) (kltechn)
  • Galaxy S5 (Korea) (kltekor)
  • Galaxy S5 (Sprint) (kltespr)
  • Galaxy S5 (USC) (klteusc)
  • Galaxy S5 (VZW) (kltevzw)
  • Galaxy S5 (Vodafone) (kltedv)
  • Galaxy S5 Duos (klteduos)
  • Galaxy S5 Duos (China) (kltechnduo)
  • Galaxy S5 LTE-A (lentislte)
  • Galaxy S5 Plus (kccat6)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge
  • Galaxy S7 (herolte)
  • Galaxy S7 Edge (hero2lte)
  • Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 / 10.1 (GSM) (espresso3g)
  • Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 / 10.1 (Wi-Fi) (espressowifi)
  • Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 (Wi-Fi) (n2awifi)
  • Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (mondrianwifi)
  • Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (Wi-Fi) (chagallwifi)
  • Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (Wi-Fi) (klimtwifi)
  • Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 2016 (Wi-Fi) (gts28vewifi)
  • Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (LTE) (gts210ltexx)
  • Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (Wi-Fi) (gts210wifi)
  • Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 2016 (Wi-Fi) (gts210vewifi)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (International 3G) (ha3g)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (Sprint) (lt02ltespr)


  • Xperia M (nicki)
  • Xperia SP (huashan)
  • Xperia T (mint)
  • Xperia TX (hayabusa)
  • Xperia V (tsubasa)
  • Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet


  • Storm (kipper)
  • Swift (crackling)
  • Wingtech


  • Mi 3w and Mi 4 (cancro)
  • Mi 5 (gemini)
  • Mi Max (hydrogen)
  • Redmi 1S (armani)
  • Redmi 2 (wt88047)
  • Redmi 3/Prime (ido)
  • Redmi Note 3 (kenzo)


  • Yunique (jalebi)
  • Yuphoria (lettuce)
  • Yureka (tomato)


  • Axon 7 (axon7)


  • ZUK Z1 (ham)

How to install Resurrection Remix ROM on any Android phone?

Simply download the latest Resurrection Remix 5.8.3+ build from above and flash it via TWRP recovery. The unofficial builds can be downloaded from the XDA-Developers forums. While the Resurrection Remix 5.8.3+ builds are based on the Lineage OS sources, the installation procedure is the same as that of the official Lineage OS. However, make sure your Android device is rooted with latest TWRP and bootloader unlocked as well.

Image source- Resurrection Remix

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